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I have just recently switched across to Channels on FTV after trying to use HDHomeRun with Plex on Roku for the last 4 months which has got to the point where my wife demanded we go back to the built in tuner as she was sick of the glitches.

In a last ditched attempt to avoid needing to starting running aerial leads through all the walls to the TV location I decided to try channels and I must say so far I am really really impressed.
Due to the awkward freeview numbering system in the UK channel orders are a mess with HD content but was really pleased to find channels had a solution for this with favourite channels and being able to change the order.

The only thing I feel is missing is the option to have a PiP guide option this is something that can be quite handy when wanting to continue watching a program but also see what's coming up later in the day. Or just checking when something is on but don't intend to change the channel at that moment.

Is this something that is possible for channels?

The quick guide works quite well, but if it 1pm and you want to check what does a program start tonight it requires stopping the display to go back to the full guide to check when finding the channel you were originally on and selecting that again without being able to follow what was happening on the program you were watching.

Hopefully this is something that could be implemented? Even if not keep up the great work it is fantastic and for £18 has avoided a divorce!

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[Edit: I didn't realize OP was asking for this feature on Fire TV. The threads below are for Android TV and Apple TV. My fault for not checking the post category.]


This has been requested many times. Please vote here:

Just a quick search found a bunch more threads requesting this...








Sorry I am new to this forum and was unaware the feature requests made for Apple and Android were also requested for Fire TV as from the searching I did no one had every requested this feature for Fire TV only alternative devices

It’s cool. Welcome to the forum.

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My bad, I didn't realize you were asking for Fire TV. Channels was originally Apple TV only and I forget that many other platforms are supported now :upside_down_face:

I think there are some technical hurdles to overcome that have prevented this from being implemented already.

Anyway, didn't mean to come across as intimidating. These forums are a great resource...welcome! :+1:

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No worries I have been using forums for many years and I appreciate it can be tiresome to keep answering the same questions that have already been asked again and again.

Hopefully the Channels team are able to figure this out 1 day it would be a great addition to an already superb bit of software.

Thanks for the welcome