PIP Shield Remote using Button Mapper

This maybe the wrong place to post but I can’t seem to find a manual for Button Mapper. I got rid of the Pesky Netflix button on my Shield by using Button Mapper but now I’m trying to figure out if I can program a key with the letter P key so I can use PIP in Channels. I would love to use the microphone button as I never use it but I would settle for a different key if that is not possible. Any help? Thanks in advance. Sheldon

Being an Apple person, I just got a shiny new Sony TV with Android and learned about Button Mapper. Would love to reprogram the DVR button to pull up Recordings and map something else to the P so I can PIP. Downloaded Button Mapper and paid for Pro upgrade, but not sure how to do it correctly. Following.

Technically you need button mapper pro, meaning the paid version you can purchase through the free apps interface, however, it is reported to still work in the free version.

To send the command 'p' you have to choose advanced for the button action and choose keycode ver 2, at which point it will give you a link to a windows program that you need to download on a computer. Then on your shield you enable usb debugging and network debugging and follow the instructions it had in the link to grant the secure_write_privaledge command. This only needs to be done once. Then you can map the button to send the letter 'p' by sending keycode 44

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Microphone button is a no-go, I've tried. It won't addin, just brings up the assistant even when I disabled it. Same for the YouTube button on a chromecast, but I may have gotten around that, I can't remember.

My setup is

Long press shield menu button launches channels
Channels Auto-pip disabled

Netflix button:
one click for pip, so I can enter/ exit pip with a single click.
No action for long press, it seemed to produce a lag when I would use a single or double click.
Double click is set to backspace for last channel, keycode 67

I've thought of doing the chromecast remote to have the netflix and YouTube buttons be ch + / - and maybe some double click actions, but I can't remember if I got around the the YouTube button always asking which app to use even after being remapped.

And look here for keycodes:


I don’t think the average person would be able to do this!
I don’t mind paying for an app that will do the job. I’ve been burned before buying one they said would do the job......
Anyway, once again thanks much! I must keep my wife happy!

It's pretty simple, just seems daunting.

Download the program to your computer
Enable usb debugging and network debugging
Figure out your shields local ip, 192.168.x.x
On the computer, open a cmd prompt into the windows program directory you just downloaded
Run the
Adb connect 192.168.x.x
Go to your device (shield, chromecast, etc) and check the box to authorize and remember
Click the button in the program to enable secure_write_privaledge
You'll know it's enabled when the enable changes to revoke in the program

Do the button mappings and permissions persist after a reboot? I tried something similar with the Stream 4k but kept losing configurations on reboot. Would love to permanently reconfigure the Netflix button into anything else.

Yes, it persists after reboot using custom keycode ver. 2 after doing the adb stuff. Ver 1. It doesn't stay on reboot.

How do you do this on a non-pro Shield with no USB?

Same process, you aren't using the port for anything, just enabling debug mode.

it just says error: no devices -- something is missing.

Adb devices

"connected to" which is correct, but Button Mapper Setup says no devices.

I had connectivity issues to, so try like this:

Have the windows program and the cmd prompt open at the same time.
Adb connect 192.168.x.x
Go to your device and authorize it. Check the box to remember it
Click the grant button, if it changes to revoke, it applied

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your insight and setup. I'm a new channels user and having a dedicated PIP button and also being able to set up a "last channel" mapping is a great improvement.

Maybe this is a silly question, but when I'm browsing the guide with PIP on, is there any way to program channels so that when I choose a new channel it opens the new channel in full screen? Right now it takes two "clicks" or I have to use the PIP button I programmed to get the new channel to show full screen. Thanks in advance!!

Hello! Yes it does take 2 clicks if your auto-pip is enabled, try disabling it and I think the one click will start making it go from pip to full screen when you click once.

I'm hoping you can help me out. I followed your instructions on how to map "p" on a button for my shield remote. I was able to Usb and network debugging is engaged. I downloaded setup button mapper on my pc. However I'm stuck on how to get to command prompt and what specifically to enter for a connection. I do have my shield IP address. Also I do have button mapper pro installed on my shield. any help would be appreciated. - Larry


Ok, so you'll want to be in the directory where adb.exe is located. The tools folder. So the easiest way would be to open up that folder in a windows explorer, then in the address bar type cmd and hit enter

Once the command prompt opens you'll type:
Adb connect 192.168.x.x
Then click the grant write_secure

Hey when you click that when you type ADB connect and your IP address and hit enter you're going to have to go over to your device they'll be an authorization prompt that you have to accept