Playback failed errors

I am getting this error in my fire stick 4K. I have restarted the fire stick and the dvr with no joy.

Please advise.


Please check the DVR's Log tab for any errors. Usually this means your USB drive got disconnected.

The log says that it cannot create the backup due to "operation not permitted". Other than that, I see no other errors. Please advise. Thanks!

Please copy paste the exact error messages

It sounds like your recording usb drive has gotten disconnected.

2019/07/28 12:35:31 [ERR] Could not create backup: mkdir /Volumes/Toshiba/DVR/Database/backup-20190728.123529: operation not permitted

I have opened the volume in "Finder" and am able to see contents. The last Database Backup seems to be from 7/24/19. Any additional thoughts?

Also, I cannot open "Configure", the web browser tab opens, but goes nowhere.

Try disk utility to run a check on the drive?

It might be worth trying to disconnect and reconnect as well.

Would a reboot of the Mac be even better?

Sure can't hurt

I am running First Aid initially, then will reboot to try as well.

The reboot seems to have gotten configure to work, but Playback Failure is continuing to appear. Can I get an email address to send my logs privately?

Email [email protected]

Sent, thanks!

Did you disconnect and reconnect the power from your drive?

All read and write access to the drive appears to be failing with the "operation not permitted" error.

No, but I can if that is suggested.

Yes please try that, and see if you can open one of the recording mpg files in VLC to play them.

VLC works, Playback in Channels fails.

Also, just copied a couple of movies into the drive to test writing. Any other ideas as to what could be the problem? I have allowed "Everyone" Read/Write to the drive.

I have not seen an update, could you please advise? Thanks!

macOS is returning "operation not permitted" whenever the DVR tries to access your Drive. I'm not sure what would be causing this if you already changed permissions to Everyone.

Maybe you need to select all the folders and change the permissions on all of them?

I have done so and still have no joy. What would be the next course of action?