Playback Failed on fire tv

I just started getting a playback failed message on my ota channels on my two fire sticks

The spectrum channels come through fine and both the spectrum and ota channels come through fine on my two apple tvs

I have tried restarting the sticks as well as the laptop I run channels on to no avail

Any ideas


The FireTV is not able to connect to your HDHomeRun

05-04 18:16:31.044 2985 9135 V Streamer: trying 107BC442:
05-04 18:16:36.057 2985 9135 V Streamer: connect failure: connect timed out

Is there away to correct it


Try the official HDHR app and see if that works

Try in the Channels app changing Settings > Playback > Advanced > Tuner Sharing: On

Try rebooting the FireTV

Try loading and see if it shows your HDHomeRun or not. Maybe the IP has changed?

Tuner sharing on and a reboot did the trick

Thanks for your help