Playback failed unable to connect from Firetv now

Was working fine last night (Wednesday Dec 8). This morning it is not able to locate via any Firetv. I can access the server from pc and play live stream through

and log says

2021/12/09 11:50:52.607196 [NAT] Failed to discover upnp routers
2021/12/09 11:50:52.607196 [NAT] Failed to discover router using natpmp and upnp.

The Tplink router does have UPNP off but as I said it was working fine yesterday, and I have pot 8089 forwarded.

Thanks for the assistance

I would set remote access to Manual and configure the router yourself.

Did that, still no change,
Was working this morning at 7am according to wife, is there something else to try.

my recently reset firetv says "your channels dvr sever could not be discovered" when i enter the correct ip addess -> at home -> correct ip it comes back with not found. I am able to watch dvr'd shows from last night via pc

For whatever reason my SSID was set to hide from Wifi List (hidden SSID) and that caused the issue with connecting, guess I have to broadcast with the tplink deco x68 all the time. Thanks