Playback freezes

I'm having freezing issues I can't seem to diagnose. It will play fine for a little while, could be 5 mins, 30 mins, 2 hours, then it will just freeze. And be stuck there with a frozen picture with no sound. I can't seem to pin down the issue. I have to back out of the stream to the guide and click the show again. All I can come up with is it takes a dump after a slight signal hiccup, the signal isn't perfect, but it also happens with TVE, just not as much. I submitted video player logs in the app, but I had to back out of the stream to do so. It happens on a wireless Chromecast, and a hard connected shield.

My setup:

Comcast 400mbps internet
HDHR5 Dual tuner
Hard connected SHIELD Pro for the server
1 wireless Chromecast w/ Google
Latest beta and prerelease

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Try the new streaming backend under Settings > Debug > New HDHR Streaming: On

This stopped for a while, but has started again. How do I catch the logs for this? The logs in web ui look like unrelated stuff.

I submitted that log but that's all I could find.

Check the client logs via


Or submit client diagnostics by going to


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Here it is. I'm poking through it but I don't know what's normal and what's not

05-24 17:02:34.814 9946 9946 V signal : Displaying tuner reception problem notification: strength=94% quality=100% symbol=100% rate=4.5Mb/sec recentsigbad=22%

Did you see this signal notification on screen?

What time did it stall out?

Are you still hearing audio?

I would say probably about 445 or so. ( Edit - idk...). I'll be more vigilant if it happens again

No, no signal notification, it just freezes and the picture that is currently on the screen stays there frozen, no audio. It's like I paused it. I have to back out and restart the stream.

I do get the signal notification a lot now, since it was added in. I think that's coincidence and I need to go mess with the antenna, its been on a steady decline.

So my experiences with the signal notification is this. It will come up, and I will visually notice signal issues, choppy picture, messed up audio, or it will come up and say I'm having issues but I won't notice any issues. I just figure it's on the cusp, where the notification would come up, but not quite enough to have the picture / audio issues.

I didn't think this issue was related to the signal, because I don't see the notification, or any evidence it's the signal, it just stops, and stays frozen like I paused it.

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Corrected my post some, meant coincidental not consequential. Hate typing on a phone.

The AV: number keeps increasing in the log which means the player thinks it is continuing playback.

Are you using Software decoder? It's possible hardware is choking on the corrupted packets from the signal issue.

Hardware. I'll switch it to software if you'd like. I really just need to solve the signal issues.

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Happened again on software mode at about 429, 430

05-25 16:30:28.141 9946 9982 I libchannels: libchannels: hdhr_read: error: open /data/user/0/ no such file or directory

Huh.. it appears something is deleting the streaming buffer from underneath the player..

What kind of storage are you using? Is there some sort of cache cleanup app installed?

Okay so I have the internal storage where the application is installed I have the adopted storage where my DVR used to be and then I have a 4 TB wd black hooked up to a powered USB hub directly to the shield where the server is installed to right now

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Sorry, I typed that last post while I was driving. No, there's no cache cleaner or anything installed, I don't believe in those apps, not the surface level ones on a nonrooted device. I'm going to move the app back to the adopted storage, but this happens on my Chromecast sometimes too, so I don't believe there will be any difference. And I'll go back to hardware decoding. It's not a big issue, just trying to shed some light on a possible issue. Recordings work great. And I don't think it's my theme, but I'll switch back to the purple if you ask me to for troubleshooting.

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Happened on the chromecast at 8:18

I've been noticing similar issues on my 2017 Shield TV with a HDHR Prime. The first time it happens usually takes 30+ minutes then after that its every 10-15. Pictures freezes up and sound gives a quick little buzz and it'll sit there on the frozen screen with no sound for a few minutes before kicking me back to the guide or "Preparing your TV" screen. I submitted logs earlier for HW decoding and am currently trying Software to see if it happens again. I tried turning on "Debug -> Legacy HDHomerun Streaming" and that seemed to work fine for a full day but I assume that setting will be going away soon which is why I'm trying to figure out how to get it to work without that setting turned on.

Client Version: Beta (105.31.1913)
Server Version: 2021.05.28.0053

Nothing fancy about my Shield TV setup just several common apps installed (Channels/Netflix/Plex/etc)

Let me know if I can provide anymore information that can help.

Similar issue I posted about earlier tonight. Following as my wife is reminding me this needs to be fixed.

Please submit diagnostics after this happens and select Crash

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