Problem with freezing with FireTV

Any updates on this? My DVR is on a Synology 920+ streaming to an Amazon Fire Stick 4k MAX and a FireTV cube. One is on Ethernet, the other is Wifi. Constantly freezes during live tv requiring you to back out of the stream and choose a different channel. Submitted my diagnostics just now.

Please try changing the decoder setting from hardware to software.

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I will give it a shot. Thank you!

I have moved the decoder to software. Still the same problem. Only happens during live TV viewing - appears to be 'paused' and I can fast forward but it is still in a paused state. On rare occasions after I fast forward from the 'paused' state it will restart the live feed.

Changing channels when frozen: the new channel plays its live feed. Switching back to the previous 'frozen' channel and the live feed works again - for about 15-30 minutes then it pauses again.

Did you change to software in the app or the dvr?

I tried moving the app to software, no difference. Then I also moved the dvr to software - same problem.

Submit diagnostics from the app after it happens in software mode

Just submitted Diagnostics (Software/Software) for under the "Video" heading when live tv stopped playing.

Nothing obvious in the logs. Unfortunately those FireTV devices are just not that good. Specifically they are tested with internet streaming content (h264), so they struggle with OTA (mpeg2) which Amazon doesn't care about.

One workaround would be to change Settings > Playback > Streaming Quality > Home: 8mbps which will force your NAS to convert it to h264 and may work better.

So a request on this. For me, the freezing happens on Fire Sticks, Fire Cubes and a Sony Android TV. Wired/wireless machts nichts. Only device not seeing freezing is an Apple TV 4K. I'll try the above workaround, but this has effectively ruined one of my OLED screens (falling asleep with the TV on and freezing). Is there some way that you can detect a freeze? And if so, blank the screen or turn on a screen saver or something?

Note that this doesn't happen with Plex (no transcode) or the HD Homerun app. So I'm not 100% sure the problem is purely client-side MPEG2 decoding.

We would need to see diagnostics logs to be able to tell if this is something that can be detected or what's going on.

Please try this: