Playback - image going very dark

This keeps happening playing back recordings on my fire stick 4K.
Tried hardware and software rendering.

Plays fine on my shield which is the DVR.

Is the video set to SDR?

Sorry. SDR stands for?

See for example

There are HDR/SDR settings on the Fire stick and your TV and they have to be set correctly to match.

I see. Mine is set to always HDR On my Sony which supports HDR.

My other firestick in my LG tv isn’t set to always hdr as it doesn’t support it.

Problem happens on both firestick 4ks

Next time it happens can you go to the Settings > Player tab of the app and click Submit Diagnostics > Video Player.

Shall do.

Set it to adaptive let the Stick take care of determining the type of video. It defaults to always HDR out of the box I do not know why.

Just submitted. Tried to play the same recording on my other stick and same issue.

Also HDR is set to adaptive as mentioned above.

doesnt happen with every recording, but happens with some recordings on both firesticks. For example. Match of the Day which is on BBC 1 does this (this is the show in the picture - Does this every week so not just a one off recording)

Goes dark on 2 Firestick 4Ks and stutters.

No issues viewing on Shield or iPhone

Now submitting another error log as the pictures breaking up loads.

Still getting issues... mainly BBC1HD and ITVHD Recordings. Plenty of errors logs sent in.

Anyone else in the UK seeing this?

I was having this issue with a Channel 4 HD recording yesterday.

I’m told there isn’t a solution currently.

Amazon have hardware issues and channels has software decoder issues

Any progress on this yet? Making channels unusable on a firestick

Did you ever get a solution? It’s really infuriating not being able to watch recordings on any device other than the shield which I use as my server

No but my wife was using it the other day and it seemed to work ok. Perhaps it's an issue with certain channels/HD.

Yes, I have noticed the same kind of pixelation and color issues on recordings of CNN. I have never seen it while watching a live stream. Yesterday, a CNN recording seemed to be dark and missing green altogether. This occurred when the stream resumed from a commercial break. As you probably know, CNN doesn't include commercials in the stream. Instead, it displays a static logo in the center of the screen for the duration of the break, which the commercial detection logic usually doesn't recognize. I have often wondered if that causes a disruption of the stream that the recording logic doesn't always deal with correctly.