Playon Cloud type integration with Stremium

I'd love to see the same type of recording integration with Stremium. If my Stremium recordings would automatically be downloaded & put into my Channels DVR library I'd be in heaven!

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I was thinking the same thing, thanks for posting!
Does anyone know if Stremium and PlayOn cloud storage works similarly, and would this even be possible?

There are some channels I only get on Stremium and vise versa with ChannelsDVR. I prefer the local server and unlimited DVR with Channels but even with the same credentials, some stations just don't show up on both, sadly.

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I guess we are the only ones who care about this, sadly.

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We are open to this but it's really up to Stremium if they offer any sort of API or allow this type of integration.


If they allow any sort of download process, specifically automated, then you could download into a directory and use our imports feature.

I've talked to the creator of Stremium(previously Fitzy) & he has always been very open to working with others. I'd like to see a mutually beneficial integration

I have a way of downloading my recordings, but it's not great. I believe an integration between the 2 services would be very beneficial for both sides & I truly believe they'd be very open to it.

Hopefully not. This would be incredibly awesome for a lot of people!

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In the case of PlayOn, they already had a PlayOn Downloader that people were already using with Channels imports feature. So the integration was very simple and straightfoward.

With Stremium there are a lot more unknowns. Ideally they would build out a similar downloader feature, and then users could use it with Plex or Emby or Kodi or Channels as they see fit. FYI we have reached out to them in the past, but they were not interested in working with us at the time.

Interesting, maybe because you're such a close competitor. I don't see it that way though, both services offer very different things & I personally have to use both to get what I want. I might try & reach back out to Fitzgerald & see if he's interested. Last I talked to him he was begging for help because his development team was so small. He seemed welcome to anyone improving his product.

How do you download them? Thanks in advance.

I don't record much using Stremium as it doesn't work as well as Channels so I haven't invested any time in an automatic solution. You can watch the recordings from a desktop so I play the video from the browser & use a chrome extension called Video Downloadhelper to download that recording to insert into my server.

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sportman, are you doing anything special to get videodownload helper to work? im opening the recordings page and playing the stremium recording but videodownload helper isnt detecting any videos.

I was able to get it to download but there were so many other issues, mainly lip sinc, I quickly bailed. Note that I only tested one recording. Unless somebody posts positive experiences I doubt I will mess with it again, although I haven't deleted the extention.

My guess why it didn't work for you is along with the extension, you have to add another download that does the heavy lifting.

care to elaborate on what that other download would be for the heavy lifting?

Only that when I added the extension, I also had to download something else. Are you saying that you weren't prompted to download anything else? If you simply added the extension to chrome, and it isn't working, you might want to delete it and try again. From my experience with one tv show, it might not be worth the effort. ymmv.

Is there a way to pull the stremium streams into Channels DVR? That way you can just record it via Channels DVR and not worry about downloading anything?

What streams? You can probably add them but not within Stremium.

I wish but they don't stream in m3u8 so I don't know of anyway. I wish someone would create something to pull the m3u playlist from Stremium to play in Channels though.

What advantages are there with Stremium? There were a few channels in the past I could only get with Stremium but now I also get them on Channels, so using Stremium would be redundant.