Pluto for Channels

Im on DSM 6.2.4-25556 Docker 20.10.3-0554

That should work. I was running the same versions before I updated to DSM 7.0.

Thank you so much for trying to help.
I have been digging into settings and my Impact Firewall settings were blocking the docker app. I managed to add rules to allow it to work and keep the firewall on. It now works again! I have been mercilessly pinged on my qnap and are very carefull so need to keep it on...


Wow, this is great. I read almost everything here for quite a while and... got everything working within a couple hours. So my question is...

Channels Server is on a very old iMac that can't run Docker. My Mac mini is running it - it stays on all the time anyway, so no worries. I was able to point Channels to the files being served up on the Mini no problem!

The question is - now that I have the image running, can I close out the terminal and just keep Docker running? I believe that's the case.

The other question is... when this machine restarts, will I then need to run that same command line or will Docker restart and run it until it actually is instructed to end?

Version 1.2.2 is up:

  • Mogrifies movie genres to conform to major top level genres in Channels

This helps fix Pluto movie genres so they conform to those expected in Channels so that they show up in the new On Later browsing.


Version 1.2.3 is up:

  • Mogrifies series genres to conform to major top level genres in Channels

This helps fix Pluto series genres so they conform to those expected in Channels so that they show up in the new On Later TV Show browsing.


Versions 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 have been pushed up with updates to series genre mapping.


Hi I am trying to get Pluto to work and so confused. I went into Custom Channels and did all this but no channels are showing up.. I have a mac am i dong something wrong? thanks for help Amy
Add Source: select M3U Playlist
Give it a nickname: e.g. PlutoTV
Leave HLS as default stream
Leave Source as URL
Enter this URL:

Once the source is added, click on trash icon.
You should see an option "Pick Guide Provider", click on this button.
Under the dropdown where it shows USA, select Custom URL. Enter this URL:
Click on save.

The PluoTV channels should now show up in the guide.

From what I've read on the forum this method no longer works. The only supported method for Pluto is the Docker container.

Use these for Pluto links if avoiding docker

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Hi I tried and did not work. Does that go under the URL? Thanks!

Like in this example for Stirr: (I use docker for pluto)
Stream Format

Refresh URL daily

XMLTV Guide Data

Refresh Every 3 Hours

The URLs for Pluto would be:
The links for Pluto would be: (Assuming you are in the US)

I have no idea who maintains it but it works.

OK so I cannot use a Docker as my computer is older and version does not support latest. DO I need a docker? sorry so new to all of this

No, no docker, use the 2 links just above your last post, the us.m3u8 and us.xml

3 hour guide refresh

wow great thank you!!! Can I record with this?

Also do Need to change the Provider under settings?

Yes you can record. That is it. It should work. At least until the person that maintains it quits doing it like the techzyon person did.

Of course it would be way better to use the docker pluto supported here. It would be nice if they did Stirr too.

This was created and graciously shared months ago, works great:

Thanks. I'll check it out.

I had major problems with Pluto recordings until I switched to the Docker method, fyi.

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