Pluto for Channels

I have seen this before. Not truly duplicates. One channel is embedded and repeats a handful of episodes. The other has a broader selection of episodes. They got rid of a few of those embedded channels a while back. Looks like they are adding others.

In my case the schedule listings are identical for both channels.

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Maybe the docker should ignore channels with number set to zero.

Great, if that would solve it.
I do have Channels DVR set to ignore channel-number from M3U.
Both channels show the same schedule and play the same content.

Is there a video or step by step on installing and running this - especially on a QNAP or Synology NAS

My main problem is the kinda janky way that QNAP handles Docker containers I think

No need to horse around with Docker if you aren't comfortable with it. Details HERE.

THANKS - worked 1st time

this really adds value to channels DVR - I only get 6 OTA stations where I am at, so adding a few more is great !

Pluto is available as a separate app - the killer feature of doing it this way is being able to select the handful of stations that you want - plus the ability to record programs


AND... the interface of the Pluto app sucks horribly.


I used this one and it worked! I spent hours trying to figure it out. Thank you so much!

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You shouldn't use those anymore.

There is a thread for non docker links in here, anyone help, at work and not supposed to be typing this.

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So for a little more clarification, the website has the .m3u8 and .xml for:

Samsung TV+
PBS (a handful of channels, not what it used to be)

However, due to those links being used millions of times, and still being used, using them will leave you susceptible to interruptions in playback when someone else accesses the channel you are watching. So. What this means is that you should only use links from that site as a last resort. For example, I use them for SamsungTV+, Plex, and PBS because I'm aware of no other way / place / etc to find / create those links.

PlutoTV and Stirr:

You have 2 different ways to avoid using the links at

The docker route (advanced, requires maintenance)
The non-docker route using links from

This is kind of a no brainer if you don't want to or cant use docker. @HankLloydRight has done a fantastic job adapting the docker scripts to run on his enterprise grade equipment with his own resources so that we don't have to.


I think the SamsungTV now has a docker option (I'm using docker on my Linux server). Pretty sure there is a thread on here if anyone is interested. I don't use it that much, so may drop it soon.

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I linked to the non-docker method by @HankLloydRight which is the method.

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FYI, the creator of that Samsung TV+ docker solution explained that he created it merely as a learning exercise and all it’s doing is passing along the exact same links. No metadata massaging at all. So there’s really no benefit to incorporating those channels that way.

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I like my little Docker container. Why not work together instead of pushing for a single preferred solution? Collaboration is so much more fun.

Sounds like you're pushing for a single preferred solution?

Besides, they're collaborating already, the code on leverages maddox's code on github. They are just different methods of incorporating the results into our Channels DVRs.


That would explain why I don't go to those channels frequently.

I am advocating for a alternative deployment. When they come up with a Docker solution, I will consider it. I will also consider contributing to their attempt to monetize the solution.

Yessir you did, but she responded to my older post with the old links before any newer methods, so just wanted to make sure she isn't using the old links.