Pluto For Dummies

It will start in the 9000's and just assign the next available number as new channels get added. Note Paramount+ Picks location in relation to its number:

Since Pluto tends to move channels around or share similar numbers to other services, I prefer to just let Channels assign the number. Recently, when the 007 station came back, it just went back to its previously assigned number.

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Docker is ALMOST working. If I log out (Windows) and log back in, or reboot the machine, all my Pluto channels go away. If I then startup Docker from my desktop, the channels come back.

  1. Docker Desktop is listed in my startup program list.
  2. Task Manager shows docker is running.
  3. Docker settings:
    Startup Docker Desktop on login.
    Use WSL2 based engine
    Open Docker Dashboard at startup.

What am I missing?

Are you using Auto Login in on Windows the Docker will only run when you are logged in.

Yes I'm using Auto Login.

Could it have something to do with the port number?

Check to make sure the container is running:

docker ps

TV_Ken, why bother with the Docker container when we have a new, easier way to get your m3u?

Non-Docker source for PlutoTV and Stirr m3u playlists and EPG

It is my understanding that your EPG only updates every 3 hours and mine updates every 1 hour. Am I wrong?

Not mine. Kudos to the guy who did it, however.

Since it appears to only be possible to get roughly 8 hours of Pluto data at any given time, what difference does it make? Also, it has the added feature of not needing to install Docker or horse around with containers anymore.


Get only 8 hours with a three hour delay, gives you as little as 5 hours. I want all I can get.

Not sure what everyone is talking about.
I get 12 hours of EPG for Pluto which is being refreshed every three hours, so at a minimum I always have at least 9 hours of guide data.

Every X hours it fetches the next 8 hours of data. I have mine set for every 1 hour. Not sure where you get the "delay".

I just tested by manually updating from the server settings page. Oddly, the web listings grid does show almost 11.5 hours, and a minute later on my Shield Pro it definitely only showed 8.

Wonder why? Weird.

Problem solved. It turned out to be a timing problem on Windows startup. If I delay the startup of Docker for a minute after Windows starts, all works well.

Not sure how often the Channels clients update their guide info from the server.

This. To make sure you’re getting a fresh set of data force quitting the app and launching it again is the only way I know of.

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On Android TV I clear it from recents so it refetches the guide data.

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If you are using an intermediate source, here's is an example:
9:00 You retrieve data. (Data was issued at 3:02)
9:01 Your source updates data from Pluto. (Data was issued at 6:02)
9:02 Pluto updates it's data.

The data you just picked up at 9:00 was released by Pluto at 3:02, giving you a 6 hour delay.

If you are getting data direct from Pluto every hour, your maximum delay is one hour, with an average delay of 30 minutes.

Are any of these methods getting data "direct from Pluto" though? I was under the impression they're all using the same underlying, intermediate source, which sometimes has delays of its own. (

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I don't understand what you're saying in your example.
Here's what I use.
Pluto for Channels docker container grabs Pluto EPG every three hours beginning at 2 AM each day.
Channels DVR using Pluto for Channels as an m3u source updates m3u and xmltv every three hours beginning at 2:24 AM each day.

That's incorrect. The pluto docker talks to pluto directly and has nothing to do with that domain.