Pluto TV Docker Help

For the life of me, i cant get this to work. Not an expert in docker but I have used and currently use a few docker containers.

no matter what port i try, i cant connect to it. it refuses the connection. ive used to default ports, ive changed ports and still nothing.

i use synology's docker implementation (in their app store) with other containers and they connect and work fine but this container wont connect.

ive tried it on a windows 10 machine with the Docker gui, same thing. it installs, downloads, and logs show that the playlist and xml are being served, but i cant connect to it whether it be by the local machines ip address or loopback address.

the container logs do not show any errors and it always shows success after the playlist and xml.

there are no firewalls or anything.

any tips, ideas?


I just loaded it on my Synology NAS (2418+) and it worked fine. There's nothing you need to configure but the port that's forwarded. 80 -> 8080. It fired up and worked right away.

how? port 80 automatically redirects to port 5001, DSM's management page out of the box and i cant find a way to disable that. thanks.

You've got the port direction wrong. The 80->8080 port mapping is to map your host/NAS port 8080 to the container's port 80.

The web server in the docker container runs on 80. Using docker, you need to forward the internal port of the container to any port that you want on the host.

So in this example, i picked 8080. So anything on 8080 on the host, will hit 80 on the container. These settings are in the Synology docker manager thing.

i get that, ive cheked all ports, reversed ports, stopped containers, what the system is using, even on seperate hosts.

i dont know, i had to install it on a brand new nas with a new install of docker and had to let it picked its own port.

who the hell knows. i got it working.


Thanks for starting this thread, hopefully I can use it for continued discussion about this helpful Docker. I have it running on my Mac ... and it’s working fine... but it appears the guide data runs out after a few hours. I have to stop and restart the Docker to get more guide data. I downloaded the latest version and it seems the problem is persisting. Is there an easy way to get it running automatically every couple of hours? Thanks. I am using Docker Desktop and very new to this.

It updates every three hours. You can go to / instead of /playlist.m3u to see the last update date.

The issue is that Channels only updates guide data every 24 hours, and that includes epg urls. And Pluto doesn’t provide more than ~8 hours of guide data.

We’re working on a way to resolve this.

For now you’ll need to manually refresh the lineup in settings.

OK, that makes sense. At least now I know I'm not doing anything wrong. :slight_smile: I'll manually refresh for now and will keep an eye out for your continued development of this great feature. Thank you.

@maddox does the container auto updates? Specifically on symbology docket? Or does it have to be manually updated to new versions? Thanks.

Docker images and containers don’t auto update. You’ll need to update manually the the latest image.

I am really enjoying this Pluto integration, it’s working perfectly. Very impressive work, thank you.

I do note that all movies, on every movie channel in the guide from Pluto, shows up as “Directed By: (null).” It says this everywhere. If Pluto doesn’t provide this information is there a way for this to be filtered out? Perhaps the Channels app can determine, if the Director field is “null” then just don’t show the Director field, at all?

Yep, this is gross. It'll get fixed up. Thanks.


For those of us who don't necessarily want to mess with Docker containers, is there any chance for native integration with Pluto in the future?

There’s no plans for support for Pluto in Channels.

As far as this goes, there’s really nothing easier than booting that docker image.

I appreciate all the hard work by you and everyone involved with channels. I am truly grateful that I am using most of the features. I know just enough to be dangerous, as they say, and gave it a go to install Docker Desktop but it won't run without my changing some BIOS settings, which for me, is my stop sign.

I'm guessing your tool/idea must be hosted locally as I see it generates a 127.0.... URL to connect to. Would this mean it cannot be hosted by someone for people like myself to point to? Meaning, if someone who can run Docker uses your tool to generate the M3U and EPG files, can they be shared to others through https? Again, only guessing, but I am thinking your tool might do more than just generate the two files and that is why it must run locally on one's machine. I just wanted to ask, because I don't think I have it in me for Docker just yet. (maybe one day, but my old brain is losing more old data than the new data it can take in) :slight_smile:

But without a doubt, thank you for creating the tool as it sounds very exciting and will be useful for many! I think I saw over 3,000 "pulls" already! I love this place....

Sharing the files between multiple users causes the streams to conflict and cut out. So you have to run it for yourself.

It doesn't need to run on the same machine, if you have another place to run Docker. I'm guessing it wanted you to enable virtualization in your bios which is necessary for any kind of VM

Thank you for the explanation. I figured it was something like that even though I didn't know the right 'words'. :slight_smile: Appreciate how helpful you all are - and everyone here.

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Will Pluto be integrated into the predefined search settings for "Upcoming Movies" section of search?

IIRC, the sections displayed on the search page are populated from entries in channels that you have marked as a favorite. If you favorite some channels from your Pluto source, then content from those channels ought to appear on the search page.