Pluto TV link

I’ve tried that but I didn’t understand how GitHub works.

The Docker Container is easiest

Fortunately, there is little or no need to "understand how GitHub works." Docker understands that for you.

For me, and I would guess for most people struggling with this, the hard part is getting Docker itself installed. For that, Google is your friend. Once you have Docker up and running you need only to run the command shown in the description of Pluto for Channels. (You may need to pick a different port.)

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unraid is the way to get docker working easily

Can you use docker for I can watch online, but cant login manually.

You can access cable stations through the TVE integration; you do not have to do anything special:

It works in chrome browser, but doesnt work in channels dvr I just click contintue login and it lets me get channels. I am on the same network as the interface.

See this thread:

And specifically for Spectrum:

There are also several dozen other threads specifically related to Spectrum Login issues that might be helpful.

Is there a way to manually add NFL Network and NFL RedZone HD or ESPN3/WatchESPN channels?

@doug8796, you need to go deeper into all those links that have been provided, please.

As shown in the "About TV Everywhere" Knowledge Base article above, the answer to your question, no matter what station you ask about is going to be this:

  1. Provider + Location + Contracts will determine what is available.
  2. Channels uses the web stream of a station
  3. It does not matter what you see on your cable provider's website
  4. If you go to the station's website (NFL, NBC, ESPN, etc...) and can stream there with your cable provider login credentials, then it will be available in Channels. If not, then no. In other words, if there is no accessible web stream, then there is nothing to add. You cannot manually add them because there is literally nothing for you to add.
  5. Custom Channels can be used for things that do have web streams in an m3u8 format (i.e., Pluto, Security Cameras, Live Cams [sometimes with transformation tools like HLSTube]). What is happening in the ESPN+ solution is a web stream that is being transformed into a format Channels can understand.

Also, please take advantage of the large amount of existing threads here. For instance, I just searched for RedZone and there is a thread from a few days ago.

OK, so if I manually login to the Redzone/ NFL Network on their website they will become available? Even if my current provider doesnt have them but the other does? My DirecTV Stream account credentials does not have NFL Network, but Spectrum does.

Then you need to create an additional tve source in the web ui choose spectrum and use your spectrum login. You can have both directv and spectrum as a source at the same time

The login does not work, but manually clicking sign in automatically on does.

Your spectrum login doesn’t work when trying to add a source? Is that what you are saying?

Yes, but it works on

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It doesn’t matter if it works at myspectrum. That is not tve. We need to find out why your credentials are not working. Does it let you watch if you go here and login with your spectrum login ? Do you have a spectrum business package?

It works if I login automatically without login.

You may need to go to spectrum account settings and disable automatic login

I wish channels could be added manually. Thanks for the help.

You can add channels under the Rescan Channels menu by clicking the gear next to any channel and selecting Rescan