Poor playback on corrupted recordings

I recently had to move my antena and since, I have been getting some low quality recordings with large sections of the recording being “corrupted” (not sure if the correct terminology). I’m working on getting the antena back to working well, but in the meantime I’m trying to watch potions of the shows that come through ok. While in playback, the player acts strange in a few ways.

First, sometimes the sound will start to make a terrible screeching noise and the only way to stop it is to back out of the player and then start playing again after the portion that caused the audio issue.

Second, sometimes the recording won’t allow scrubbing or skipping past the damaged section.

Third, for the first time today, a recording showed an odd timeline with a length of a 30 minute recording showing something like 1,391 minutes.

Obviously, the best solution is to get the antena repositioned and back to picking up a good signal, but I figured I would point out these issues with the player handling these bad recordings to see if there is anything that could be improved for future poor recording scenarios which unfortunately happen sometimes.