POP (6096) Keeps Stopping

Seems to just stop playing periodically for a second or two then resumes. I’ve updated to the latest pre-release version and rebooted my equipment but, the issue has remained for a couple days now. Not sure if it’s Channels or POP’s feed.

Does it happen on their website live feed (that's what Channels uses)?

I'm more inclined to think it's on POP's end, as their feed was previously removed because of poor audio issues; and malformed container because of audio stream packaging IIRC.

It is not happening on their website live stream. In fact, Channels is ever so slightly ahead of the website stream.

Any errors in the DVR web ui log when it occurs?

Yes happing on the web interface too.

Look in the log in the web ui and see if there are any errors logged when it occurs.

I can verify this behavior; the stream jumps and stutters in Channels but does not do the same through the Pop TV website. Running the latest (7/7) version of the server. No information/errors shown in the DVR logs.

The stream is not working correctly. We will be removing this channel.

Is this the latest word on the POP channel? It's still on my lineup, the authentication works, but whenever I try to watch the channel I get an error message. Thanks.

While it authenticates, whether or not it plays is hit-or-miss. Personally, I recommend disabling it. Whether the developers are going to actually remove it—again—is yet to be seen.

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It’s a shame. POP has some good program I’ve seen.

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