POP TV on TV Everywhere

Hi guys,

Hoping to get some developer feedback on this. My wife watches several shows on POP TV and was curious if there's been anymore investigation on getting this channel with TV Everywhere?

I know I saw some threads from back in December that it was removed because of some issues but was wondering if there have been any developments since then.


Chris Olson

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I too would like this channel

Me too. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there's been any change to how they're serving the channel and we haven't had the opportunity to do the work required to support it.

No worries, just thought I'd check in. Thanks for the feedback on it.

Any update on this? The only thing I care about on the channel is big brother after dark and that starts this week.

I would be interested in an update on this, too.

Any changes/updates for adding POP TV?

Experimental support for POP TV is available in v2021.04.14.0108.


I seem to be having some random issues with POP TV using AT&T TV as the TVE provider. Most of the show record ok. But every now & then a show gets recorded without audio track. How would I submit diagnostics on the recording to investigate?

Their feed has had issues for some time, and the developers have indicated that they plan to remove it again. It is still present in the current pre-releases, but because it is unreliable, I would recommend disabling it until it is removed in a future update.

Post from July 8, 2021