Port forwarding issue on Tenda router

I am trying to set up remote streaming. I currently have a Tenda router. I tried port forwarding but i doesnt work. What can i do?

Google you model # tenda router and port forwarding. Here is a general guide (Tenda)F3-How to setup Port Forwarding-Tenda-All For Better NetWorking

After setup you can test port 8089 for open or not here https://portchecker.co/

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I googled my router online but i dont remember the model. But i google online and tried it and its not working.

Confirm your private ip address. It may have changed and your nat statement is stale

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I dont know how tofind that but does this help?

Is your router plugged into another router?

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I went to the app of my router and the ip addres of my android tv which is where im running my dvr server is the same ip addres appearing in my dvr server.

The router has 2 connections:

2.5G and 5G

What’s the model number of the box your router is plugged into? (Circled in pic) who is your internet provider?

Something like this


Just went to my dvr server and got this in troubleshooting.

You have to configure the second router:

If i turn off the 5g network and leave the 2.5g network on. Could that fix my problem?

Becuase its basicly two a 2.5g network and 5g network in the same router.

2.4 and 5 WiFi have nothing to do with it. Forget about them. What is physically between the cable in the wall and your tenda router? Is there a box? Look at my picture again, what I have circled is a modem NOT your tenda router. Does the cable coming out of the wall from the cable company plug directly into your router? My guess is it doesn’t and there is a box in between. Who is your internet provider?

Its a local satelite internet provider in puerto rico called xairnet. The only thing what could what your saying is this.

But i dont have any other router

Why noy just try Taiscale Integration.

Tried it but the stream were loading too slow. I might try it againg since i just fixed the dns problem but i was tryingvto figure this out just in case

Might be pointless either way with satellite. What are you showing for upload from your laptop Internet Speed Test | Check Broadband Speed | Google Fiber