Problem: Live TV pauses, info bar is displayed (HDHR streams)

I have a bit of a strange fault which is annoying. Every so often when watch live TV (HDHomeRun) the information bar (shows lower section of screen) briefly appears although I have paused the show (the show does not pause though)

Is there a fix for this? Is it a known bug?

This is a bug affecting some UK users. It should be fixed in the beta build. Can you try it out (via

See also Stream glitches when changing channel - #21 by tmm1

Thanks for this, I’ll wait for the public release. Thanks

I would like confirmation from someone that the beta fixes the issue before we make a new release.

OK, I’ll get in this now

Looks like I need an invitation code to redeem ?

All sorted and installed.. I’ll report back

Installed the beta and the problem still persists, not as frequently but it’s still there.

Please submit diagnostics from the app after this happens

Diagnostic submitted. I submitted immediately after the fault happened

Please try with this TestFlight build:

Fixed :slight_smile:
TV has been on most of the day on various channels and no pauses or glitches what so ever


Wonderful, thanks for testing and for the confirmation. We'll try to get a new stable build out soon.

I don't know if this is supposed to be fixed in the current builds or not but I've been experiencing this issue for a few weeks and still am.

Server version: 2022.01.13.2139
AppleTV Channels App version: 5.1.1

It's fixed in Channels app v5.2.1

OK, thanks. I guess my ATV isn't updating its apps properly. I'll try to get it to update.

I have this issue as well. Apple TV 4K. Using 5.2.1. Still happens rather often. I submitted diagnostics after it happened.

Seeing this issue too on newest release

The issue I have is actually slightly different from that described in the original post in that the TV does actually pause briefly. I’d been slightly thrown off by the subject title that describes tv pausing. This is only something that started a few weeks ago so I’m not sure what or why that happened.

Getting same. Submitted diagnostics from latest TestFlight build.