Problem matching summary text

Here in the UK, the Women’s FIFA world cup is being broadcast across two different channels. I’ve been trying to configure a pass that records all the matches.

This has proven to be surprisingly tricky.

In trying to figure this out, I’ve identified what appears to be a bug with matching of text. If I set up a pass to match text that contains “women’s world cup” in the summary, I get no matches despite it clearly being a match.

If I remove the “women’s” part of it, I get the match, ie if I match “world cup” but doing that matches loads of other things that I don’t want to record.

It seems there is a problem with the apostrophe.

It looks like you might your OS set to "Smart Punctuation" or whatever it calls the equivalent, changing ' to . From your screenshots, the guide data contains the former, but your rule has the latter.

Thanks. Good spot. I’ve been using an external keyboard on my iPad and, from what I can tell, there is no way to choose which type of apostrophe it inserts. (you can with the software keyboard)

However, I think from a users point of view, it would be incredibly rare that a user wants or needs to search by different types of apostrophe and that Channels should be coalescing all of the apostrophe types into a single thing. It would make this process much more user friendly and robust.

If you have the feature to automatically replace punctuation, you cannot choose between "apostrophe" and "right single quote" characters; however you can undo the replacement. After typing a word that contains "replaced" punctuation, the ⌘Z (undo) keyboard shortcut will change it to a straight apostrophe.

(I really wish that Apple, Microsoft, etc., would stop making this "feature" the default in their OSes and applications. The first thing I do with any new install is to disable "automatic" text replacements of any sort. If I want , I will type it myself – ⌥⇧].)

You can disable smart punctuation in the ios settings

Regardless, this is a user experience within Channels that can — and I’d argue should — be better.

These different versions of the same punctuation character serve no tangible benefit to the user other than confusion.

People shouldn’t have to make OS level setting changes or resort to user forums or obscure keyboard shortcuts to get this stuff to work.

Not sure I understand. Are you saying that Channels should code all of the known variants of letters and punctuation into Channels because MS/Apple/All the others, want to be cute and not use the standard ASCII character?

found this thread after my own thread wasn't getting any traction. i believe there is a bug with apostrophe's.

i wrote about it here - XMLTV/M3U Apostrophe Handling

But the general idea is that channels is using "'" which works for html but for xml should be using "'" I only recently caught this exporting the m3u and xmltv to threadfin and channels and guide data show up empty and unmatched.

Actually, the DTD for XMLTV specifies #PCDATA which includes both numeric references (') as well as entities (').

If it's not showing up in other software, that's a bug in the other software. Channels' XMLTV is conformant.