Problem recording "same" show twice in the same day

You may be thinking of a TiVo One Pass where the choices are New & reruns, New only, Everything
In that case 'Everything' will record every showing of the series and you will get duplicates.
There is no way to do this in Channels DVR.

I have never used TIVO.

You're missing the point.
Channels DVR uses the TMS ProgramID which is unique per episode.
Gracenote quide data says both showings are the same episode (ProgramID EP021538460121) of the show "FIA World Endurance Championship" (tmsId SH021538460000).
So Channels DVR will not record them both.

Like Howdy said, it thinks the later showing is a rerun of the first one.

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I didn't miss the point, I don't know. I've never actually used the Advanced Pass, but it seems like you would have a lot of options to set using it. Just a suggestion.

Well, sorry, but I'm afraid you are. The option you are pointing to doesn't do what you say you think it's doing. Channels DVR will only record a given show once. You have an option in Advanced Pass to select to re-record deleted shows (it's in your own screenshot) but that only works after you have, well deleted it, which is not what my issue was.

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There are many options under conditions. That may not work either.

The only other way I know of to get Channels DVR to re-record an episode is after the first one is recorded, find the second showing you want to record in the guide. It will show as recorded.
Select the drop down and choose Mark as not recorded, then you can select to record it again.

Unfortunately this requires manual intervention after the first recording is complete and before the second showing starts.

You may want to check out this section of the forum.

Thanks, I will.

I checked out the section that you directed me to. You guys have made DVR scheduling into an Art form. I had no idea any of this was available to me. Thank you!

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Yep, this works but only if you do it in between the recordings. I too hope this behavior can be improved in the future. Channels REALLY avoids recording the same episode twice. This is both a blessing and a curse at times. :slightly_smiling_face:


It's the same issue with Le Mans on Motortrend this weekend. The guide data is faulty. Again.

I really do like the feature to never record the same show twice, but a manual override for specific airings would be immensely helpful.



Been using workarounds for various reasons.
To me it seems this would be easier to program than manual time/channels based recordings.

I run in to this issue as well. Sometimes I record an episode and for whatever reason, maybe it’s a bad tve stream, and it’s interrupted. If I delete it, the next time it airs, it won’t record - even if I manually select it in the guide and select record.

Can the behavior be changed to override any rules when manually selecting a program to record?

An example would be, I record an episode of the Simpsons that was airing after a sporting event - the episode was cut short due to the game before it running long. If I delete that episode, and manually select it in the guide to record another airing of the show, it will not record. I’m guessing the system looks at it like it was already recorded and it won’t record again.

I’m not sure if this only happens when you have a pass set up for a show or if just manually scheduling a show to record. I seem to only notice it with season passes. It’s confusing though because when manually selecting an episode in the guide to record, it changes colors and looks like it’s set to record, but it doesn’t when that time comes.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

You can rerecord without deleting the original recording. See: Add ability to delete and re-record

This only works AFTER the first recording has finished and from the Web UI.

Sorry, forgot to mention I’m using Apple TV and don’t utilize the web UI.

I’d just like to see a manual option to trump all recording rules if you manually select an episode to record. I’m fine with the pass ignoring it - It just irritates me if I specifically select a show to record and it doesn’t record it.

Understand your use of an Apple TV. The only other suggestion is to find a different show scheduled prior to the duplicate episode and schedule it to run long with Record Options to record during the episode you want. Not what you nor I really want, but it works.

I use an iPad for both the iOS Channels DVR app and the Web UI. An Amazon FireTV attached to a TV works for viewing. I like the option on the iPad iOS Option to view recordings either on the iPad or to the FireTV.