Problem with advanced pass > <

I noticed that there is a problem with Advanced pass when you set channels<6000 it also eliminates channels that start with 7 8 or 9 even though they are lower than 6000 .. it appears it looks at the first digit. For example it eliminates channels like 702 808 etc ....

I can confirm it's only looking at the first digit and not treating channel numbers as numeric.
Trying Channel > 9 gives no hits, trying Channel < 2 has hits on channel numbers in the 100's.
I tried posting a new rule with curl taking the quote marks off the channel numbers, thinking it would then see them as channel numbers, but that didn't work either.

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I knew I'd seen this before...

Hopefully they fix this as I really seldom want to record TVE Channels... But want to record Cable Channels.. that broadcast in H264 with 5.1 audio. For Series I want to keep all seasons.

Yep, my fix for that is currently running two NAS's, one using my HDHR Prime and the other using TVE.

Until they give us the ability to select several channels being able to select a range will do.

This is so weird .. I want to record All Star Treks on my cable in the 700 channel range so had to get creative this eliminates all the 6000+ channels and 1000+ channels plus my OTA Channels.


Channel > 6

Title CONTAINS Star Trek

Channel EXCLUDES .

This actually works to get channels 700-799
Channel > 699
Channel < 800
Channel EXLUDES .
Since there are no TVE channels 6990 or higher that I know of.

If you get TVE BBCA 6087, then Channel > 6 will pick it up.

You are correct about 6087 but I use a 2nd instance of DVR to record Series I want to keep and it does not have TVE. Thanks for your input that will help when setting up passes on the main DVR that has TVE.

I do the same. One DVR is TVE only, the other is HDHR Prime only. So I tested on both :smile:

I've started bookmarking in my browser threads for issues I still have. Maybe I've been around too long. Sometimes you find things are fixed in a new version without any feedback in the forum and your thread. This particular issue isn't critical but you'd think at least it could be acknowledged after we spend the time to report it. After awhile you get the feeling you're being ignored and you're wasting your time. You quit reporting these type of issues and only come here when you have a major issue or question. Getting there.

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Yeah I wonder ... I had posted a while back that they need to extend to 4 digits and also make sure the filed is numeric. If I put Channel is > 50 it eliminates any channel that starts with 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.

Categories == Movie
Channel > 80

The above eliminates everything but Pluto.

Yes this is a bug.


Thanks for the info.

Possible fix for this in v2020.12.19.0049. I think you will need to delete and recreate the guide database for it to work.

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I am getting this error when it tries to install the update ...

2020/12/18 19:35:38.499513 [SYS] Downloading new version v2020.12.19.0049
2020/12/18 19:35:42.616477 [SYS] Error checking for update: rename C:\ProgramData\ChannelsDVR\latest C:\ProgramData\ChannelsDVR: invalid argument

Huh, not sure that's related to this update. To fix:

  1. Stop dvr via system tray
  2. Go to c:\programdata\channelsdvr
  3. Rename latest to old
  4. Rename 2020.12.19.0049 to latest
  5. Start channels dvr from start menu

Also check the old directory and tell me which files are in there. Sounds like the version file is missing perhaps?

Renaming latest to old worked it updated automatically to to 2020.12.19.0923 ... The Version file is in the old also a version file is in the latest.