Problem with authentication AT&T TV NOW

Hi, I just updated to the latest pre-release (2021.01.12.1356) and I am having problems authenticating my AT&T TV NOW account. I continue to get the error "Cable provider authentication failed".

I am able to log on to with the same username/password with no problems.

Although they aren't fully shutting down the service for current users yet I have to wonder if it's related to:


Does your login work on

I went to and selected "AT&T TV" as provider, and it immediately started streaming NBC. However, I never entered in my login information.

Please submit Diagnostics from your dvr and email support


Thanks. I see the issue (their login form changed) and will have a fix later today.

Thanks! You Rock!

Please try the latest prerelease

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Is the same issue occurring for Xfinity? My Xfinity source just stopped working a few days ago and when I remove it and try to add it, it says wrong user/pass. However, when I use that user/pass on the Xfinity site, it works just fine.

@Seth_Steward No. this is a ATT TV Now thread, and this issue related to or by them killing the service and moving to a different product and also the login page changed, so they had to update the dvr. Has nothing to due with Xfinity.

Search the forms here, you will find many threads on xfinity and their stupid authentication issues many users have form time to time.

@speedingcheetah Thank you so much for your help and kind response. It really is people like you that make this community such a wonderful place.

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