Program data has disappeared

Hi, I just set up Channels about a week ago and love it. Overall the learning curve hasn't been bad, but now I'm stuck. A few days ago I made a server-side custom channel list, which took a couple days to show up on the guide for some reason. When it did, the stock channel lists disappeared (which I didn't intend). So I deleted the custom list and they came back. But--In addition to the custom list deleting the stock lists, it simultaneously also deleted all program info on all channels. That did NOT come back when I deleted the custom list and it's still gone. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks for any help you can give this newbie.

This is expected behavior when creating channel collections

For the guide data try reloading entire guide data here:

Afterwards make sure to close all the way out of the app and relaunch the app

Thanks for the reply! I did try re-downloading the entire guide there, hoping to get new program data, but it didn't fix it. I launched the app on the firestick a couple hours later but no data. Maybe I'll try to clear cache/data on the app and see if that helps.

There’s a setting somewhere in the client that tells it whether of not to sync channel preferences with the server. Go have a look for that in the settings menu.

Thanks for replying. I looked for that in client settings but there isn't anything that sounds like it except sync favorites/hidden. Tried to refresh source a few times but that doesn't do it. There's a "scan network for tuners", would that be it? Is the server considered a tuner? Sorry, brand new to this! My only program source is TVE, don't have an HDHR. Thanks for your help.

Is there program data on the web UI guide?

If you mean the DVR server, yes it seems to have all the program data. The firefox client app only has the channels list. N

Make sure there are no lingering client settings by: go to server web ui in a browser>menu>clients>fire stick gear>Client settings remove all. If you setup with global client settings delete those as well. Then pull the power on the fire stick and reboot it

Removed the app from firestick and removed client settings info from the server. Rebooted and reinstalled the client app. No change, channel list shows up without any program guide data. No idea what's going on because prior to all this it was working perfectly.

Please take a photo of what you see

Haven't been around for a while but wanted to give an update on the resolution of this issue. As a new Channels user I was totally stumped. I repurposed an old gaming desktop that was gathering dust to use as a DVR server but with all the updates to get it in shape didn't notice that the system date was off--It was one day in advance! No idea how it happened, but correcting the date also corrected the guide data, which finally showed up on the Firestick client. Thanks to all who helped troubleshoot this issue.