Progress bar stopped disappearing

A few days ago I started noticing that when commercials got skipped either manually or automatically the progress bar would display and not go away until I manually cleared it. Is that just me or has anyone else noticed this and how can I stop it? Thanks.

Welcome to the club Difference in scrub/skip popup menu Recorded vs recording,

Oh okay. I had not taken notice that it was only recordings in progress doing this. Thanks.

So is anyone working on this issue? It’s a minor one, sure, but is something that just started recently so should be easy to fix.

If someone could post a video of this happening and then submit diagnostics from the app, it would be helpful. We can't reproduce this bug.

When watching a fully recorded program the scrub/skip ui auto dismisses after a second or two.

When watching a recording in progress it stays up forever and doesn’t auto dismiss.

I swear it used too? Is there a setting that changes this behavior I can set on the server?

I am experiencing this as well. On Apple TV, btw.

I've merged the 2 threads that were mentioning this issue.

Just sent diags. The issue is more random than just what type of recording.

Video of issue valid for 7 days.!AtFY20AHlltvj71XbsH6UwkcDG3ZjA

Oh based on this thread I see what is happening. The pip button is getting selected. I don’t think this is a result of my pressing a diagonal accidentally but I guess it could be?

Either way I never suffered from this for the lat few years…

I just checked - a diagonal on my remote doesn’t cause this

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Yeah that’s what it is for me as well. PIP is getting selected somehow. I’m not selecting it and it’s the same remote I’ve been using all along and this issue just started happening.

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Just want to check on this issue as I’ve been experiencing the same thing for a while now. Has there been any known fixes or is there an imminent release which addresses this?