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Please use this thread to discuss experiences and channel availability for Cox cable.

Current Status: All subscribed TVE channels work.

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Anyone else having trouble with Disney Junior and XD? I get the regular Disney Channel just fine with my Cox log in but the other two say I'm unauthorized. I have refreshed them to no avail.

Missing the following channels for my Cox subscription:


(Do not show up in scan, nor searching through failed logins/hidden channels via the edit menu)
(These are available for remote viewing/TVE/TV GO when I log into my Cox account, and I am able to stream them away from home/remotely)
(My Cox program guide designates 'HD' and 'TVE' next to each of these channels, I assume that is for TV Everywhere ability?)

What channels are not available?

Local networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS are not available via the TV Everywhere feature. You can receive your local stations using a HDHomeRun CONNECT + antenna, or using a HDHomeRun PRIME.

Premium channels like HBO, Showtime, etc are also not available via the TV Everywhere feature.

A&E Network channels (A&E, Lifetime, History, FYI, Viceland) do not support live streaming via TV Everywhere.

Nickelodeon and Nick Jr do not support live streaming via TV Everywhere.

The beIN sports channels are not available via the TV Everywhere feature

Copying and pasting the pinned post really doesn't add to the conversation, but thanks.

My main question is why does Cox indicate that TVE is supported for those channels?

TVE gives you access to both on-demand and live content. On etc you can login and watch on-demand, but there are no live streams.

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Ok, I get that, I am able to watch a live stream of those channels via the Cox Cotour webpage remotely/away from home so thought that was the same....

Our streams come from the network sites, not your provider's website or app. If adds a live stream, we will be able to integrate it and it will be available to all users regardless of their provider.

Sorry, I was confused why you didn't understand that the stream needed to be live on the Networks website.

Tis a shame!

How are users getting their fix of A&E networks programming on Channels then?

Many users have a Prime with direct feed of A&E from their cable provider.

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I get the attached error when I try to log in with my Cox credentials to add TVE to my DVR server. I set up a trial of PS Vue, and TVE setup on Channels worked just fine for that. I can also access TVE through the individual apps with the same Cox login Iā€™m attempting to use here.

What kind of NAS do you have?

I have a Synology DS716+.

You need to email [email protected] with the messages from the Log tab starting at when you tried your Cox login.

If you're having issues logging into Cox on older Synology, there is a fix in the latest DVR build (v2019.09.10.0019). To update, click-and-hold the Check For Update button.

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I appreciate Aman working with me to fix this issue. Great service!

Unfortunately, COX is not working as I had hoped. I am currently receiving a total of 45 channels even though I am subscribed to 170+. The channels I am receiving are completely irrelevant, as I am not acquiring any of the top cable networks. I did have some success with adding sources YouTube TV and Sling while joining their trial periods. If anyone has any idea how to add the major networks please let me know. BTW everything works as it should using their contour app.

Follow up: Went into web interface - sources - COX - 45 Channels - Edit: 190 channels repopulated but all the ones I want are shaded "not authorized". What do I need to do now?

Check on or and contact Cox support if it's not working on those sites.