Provider - DirecTV Stream

Please use this thread to discuss experiences and channel availability for DirecTV Stream

Is anyone using this provider for TV Everywhere authentication?
What TVE channels are you getting.

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Moved to DirecTV Stream as an alternative to Fubo after losing A&E
On the Choice package and getting 156 channels - all the ones I expected and not missing any that I was expecting to receive appears pretty solid.

My only current issue now is the setup I have for my mom lost her CBS local feed as seems like DirecTV Stream does not have access (went through the CBS app so know its CBS and not channels)

Looks interesting. They have packages at 4 different levels:

Entertainment ($70/month + taxes)
Choice ($85/month + taxes)
Ultimate ($95/month + taxes)
Premier ($140/mont + taxes)

Add $10/month to the above packages if you want unlimited cloud DVR storage instead of the standard 20 hours.

Channel Lineup comparison:

Can anyone with the "ultimate" package confirm that only (1) Hallmark channel is included?

Haven't heard that comment since Att tv now came out in 2016. From what I understand there in a Hallmark that's only on the base package

I'm with the Choice package - The channel lineup package shows Hallmark M&M is not available, but I receive it through TVE.

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Usually, if you get one channel from a family of networks, you are able to get access to all of their networks through TVE. So while you may only get HMC through the DTV Stream app, you might get access to HMC, HMM, and HMD.

Hallmark Drama shows as "notAuthorized: 0033-The customer is not authorized for the content requested" Don't see it listed on the channel lineup so not sure if it's that its not provided at all by DirecTV Stream or not

Can you sign in on their live website with your DirecTV Stream credentials and watch?

Works for me with my Xfinity login.

Does Direct tv stream TVE offer the Warner channels like CNN and TNT?

Yes they have the WM channels

In my market, Atlanta, GA. WGCL CBS 46, they don't offer CBS via TVE authentication. You have to use the paramount+ app. Been like this for at least 1.5 years. Don't think it will ever come.

That does not bode well for my mother who is in the Albuquerque market and is unable to get her CBS affiliate on DTV Stream (She was able to get it with Fubo). May need to have her invest in a better antenna. Where I am at in Denver I am able to get the CBS affiliate via TVE.