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Are you missing BBC America too? I am also missing the Hallmarks and have updated to the latest prerelease.
Version 2021.11.23.2219

The error I get on each of those channels:

Cable provider authentication failed

I have manually rescanned the channels and they still error out with:

Cable provider authentication failed

Although I should add that I am authenticating with DirecTV and not DirecTV Stream.

Also, after updating to the latest pre-release of the DVR, you should also manually rescan each channel that errors out. I just went through the entire list, and had to manually rescan several Discovery network channels, as well as an AMC network channel, too.

Funny that I can still watch Hallmark Mysteries and Movies even though on the server it gets a "Cable provider authentication failed" error. I am sure that the server error will propagate to my player and I will lose it at some point.

I do not want to scan any more because looks like I will lose a bunch more.

Troubleshooting checks are all green checkmarks.

Emailed to support that Logs have been submitted as 5fb60bf4-f7f6-424e-b0bb-3977ddcdf224

Bravo, USA, SyFy, Animal Planet all authenticate properly.

Food, TLC and the Discovery channels do not authenticate:
Cable provider authentication failed

Are you still missing channels? I've lost around 20 or more in the past few days with DirecTV - CSPANs, FX's, Hallmark's, AMC, Disney's, Discovery's, BBC America to name a few. Tried the usual steps but no luck and still receiving Cable provider authentication failed.

The DirecTV issues were resolved in recent pre-releases. If you haven't done so, please update your DVR to the latest pre-release, and then manually scan the missing channels.

Yep uptodate with prerelease and tried adding source again, manually rescanning each channel etc. I'll raise a separate ticket.

Yes I am still missing those channels. I did some looking and sent a message to support. It looks like for me the login on those channels is timing out on a prompt that is asking to accept a license agreement. I found a file on the server that is created when the error occurs:

tve_error_screenshot.png which is located on the server at \ProgramData\ChannelsDVR\data

You can also view that screenshot at where is the IP address of your DVR server.

Ah through that I have this

In that case, from a private/incognito browser window on your PC, log in and try to start viewing a live stream from NBC (the first service Channels tries to authenticate against). After successfully logging in and streaming, try re-adding your source in Channels.

No luck. Sounds like support are aware but may raise a new ticket. No matter what I try I can't get above 137 channels now, a good 20 or more less than a few days ago.

No luck with that. No matter what I have tried it fails with the license agreement page.

And you have not encountered the license agreement page when trying to log in to a network website for streaming while in a private/incognito session from a desktop web browser?

The license agreement consistently comes up each time I login.

I answer the license agreement prompt and move on, but apparently TVE does not?

That points to an issue with DirecTV's authentication servers. If that's indeed the case, the problem is theirs and there isn't anything Channels can do.

Your only real recourse is to contact DirecTV support, letting them know that you cannot use your credentials to stream from partner networks' websites.

So you want me to call DirecTV and tell them that I do not want the "license agreement" prompt to come up during login? I do not think I am going to get very far on that.

How about TVE just answers the prompt?

Did you miss that I am saying that I can stream just fine after I answer the "license agreement" prompt?

Yes. I read your statement that the prompt constantly appears, and you cannot access the stream.

Regardless, the fact that the interaction between their auth server and the network websites does not retain your acceptance of the agreement means there is a problem with the procedure. If it only happened with one network's sites—only NBCUniversal networks, or only ViacomCBS networks—then I would say the problem was with the network. But since you have indicated the problem occurs with every site you try, that leads me to believe the problem is in DirecTV's end. The only resolution in that case is for DirecTV to fix it.

If that page is constantly displaying for you, then it is constantly displaying for Channels. Channels cannot change how the authentication flow works, so there really isn't anything they can do. If you choose not to follow up with DirecTV support, then I suppose you'll just have to wait until someone else complains about the situation or they become aware of it, and fix it.

No, with a browser I can access the stream just fine.

You and I may not like it but there are lots of web sites that I am required to use that make me answer a license agreement question every time I login. Who am I to argue with their lawyers?