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Yes, I am able to sign in and watch I've rescanned but it it still says notAuthorized. It's only listing 43 channels for SlingTV.

Did you update your Channels DVR server to the latest 2019.09.20.1731 pre-relase version?

Did you edit the TVE channel list and try rescanning individual channels one at a time?

Thanks for the advice. I'm running version is 2019.08.15.2304. Do I need a pre-release version for this to work properly?

Yes, I tried both rescanning everything as well as the individual channel. It had been staying at 43 channels, but now the individual channel rescan worked just for ESPN and ESPN2, so I'm up to 45 channels.

Not if it's working for you. There is no change log or release notes for the pre-release versions. They're mainly bug fixes and improvements. If for a new beta of something then that's announced.

You can always update to the latest pre-release version and if you have issues, after reporting it you can reinstall the 2019.08.15.2304 release version.

Curious, does TVE lose access immediately after a service pulls channels over contract negotiations?

Anyone with Sling still have fox through TVE but not the Sling app?

Yes TVE access is normally pulled at the same time.

Lost the authorization somehow so I'm still having trouble, even with version 2019.09.27.1912 (windows 64-bit). Any other suggestions? I am hoping to record an ESPN college football game today. On the same PC I am able to log in and watch ESPN using Chrome, so I don't know why the Channels DVR can't authenticate.

@tmm1 will probably ask you for some logs and exactly what's happening.
I'm just another Channels DVR user like you are.

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I can sign into Sling through browser and have used channels dvr for AT&T now and Philo. Not sure what to do with this. If I can’t use Channels then sling is not an option.

You need to email [email protected] with the messages shown on the Log tab starting at when you tried to add Sling.

So I just got the Channels subscription along with Sling TV with the hope have my local channels with sling all in the Channel's app, but the TV Everywhere integration is so limited that it is not ready for primetime... I'm so sad, because I really like how Channel works...

That’s Slings fault, not Channels. Sling has poor tv everywhere support.


Can anyone tell me if SYFY is available through Sling via TVE to Channels?

Should be

But TVE is not set up to provide local channels with any provider. An HDHomeRun with a good roof antenna is unbeatable for this, if you live in an area where there are broadcasters.

Doesn’t change the fact that Sling doesn’t have good tv everywhere support. And you don’t need a roof Antenna

If you are cutting the cord, you do need an antenna to get all locals. You can make up for some of them with a service like Locast, but won't get the same quality. Indoor antennas can work, but require a lot more work to get good signals and usually require amplifiers / are more suseptible to interference.

Depends what you want. All networks offer their content (besides sports) free online. You don’t need an antenna. I have no problem with indoor and my closest tower is 42 miles away. Besides what does this have do do with sling having poor tv everywhere support?

Not all networks are free online, the majority require a paid subscription to some provider.

The post that you originally responded to which revived this thread is as follows:

Yes all Broad networks ( locals ) have free content.

And when you quote something. Don’t pick parts to fit your needs. Here is the entire post

Meaning he already has locals wants to put them together with the sling cable channels. He just wants to combine them in the same app