Provider: The Walt Disney Company

Try the latest build.

Getting further. Now it shows the company login window with the error: encountered exception 'Uncaught' (89:43)

I need the full logs and the screenshot. Email it to [email protected]


OMG @tmm1 !!!! IT WORKS!!!
Damn, you're awesome! When posted the question yesterday I didn't really think you would go and work on it right away. You had this thing working in less than 24h and now I have access to all Disney-owned channels. Thanks A LOT!!!! Will renew my Channels subscription right away.


Sorry it was working yesterday after @MB_NYC helped me test over email, but then I forgot to post here and let you know =)


How do I get access to this pre release software? I have the iOS beta but I don't have the pre release on the actual DVR server accessed through the web.

Click and hold the Check For Update button.

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I am new to Channels and just signed up after I saw this since I am also a Disney employee. We get access to FX networks and ABC as well but I do not see them listed. I also have an account for CBS All Access. I was really hoping that this would be a way for me to not have to app-swap. Is it possible to use Channels in this way?

ABC: We don't support local channels via our TVE feature.

CBS: All-access is a separate CBS product and doesn't work with our TVE code.

FX: I went to and do see the Walt Disney option there. Will check out why its not working in the DVR.

For FX/NGC, update to the latest DVR build in approximately 20 minutes. On the DVR web UI, click-and-hold the Check For Update button. After that, click pencil icon under Walt Disney then Edit at the top right, scroll down to FX and click rescan.

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Thanks for the quick response. Is there a future where ABC/CBS will be available? Or is it just something that cannot be done? Like I said - a one-stop shop rather than app hopping would be awesome.

BTW - I am really liking what you guys have done. Great work!

Getting 2019.10.09.0040 right now. :crossed_fingers:

Got em. And I forgot about Nat Geo channels too! Thanks! :+1:

For ABC and CBS, you can use ($55/year) if you install the DVR Beta and live in a supported market. That Locast subscription will also get you all other major (and many minor) OTA channels in your market.

I already get ABC and CBS thru work and All Access. I was hoping that I would be able to set those channels up. I don't really want to pay another fee. At the rate it is going I am working my way back up to the same amount of money I was paying for satellite :disappointed:

Local stations are not available through TV Everywhere (generally). If that ever changes I’m betting Channels will support them within days.

You can get them for free with a good antenna, at higher quality than TVE or cable. And then you don't need to app-hop; Channels becomes a 'one-stop shop'.

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I do have an antenna, but I am guessing the way to get them to work with Channels is via HD HomeRun, right?

Right. I have the HDHomeRun Quattro (4 tuners) which works well. There is also a 2 turner version.

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There's a setting available in the latest build to add ABC (if ABC provides a live stream in your area). See Experimental: Local Networks (NBC, ABC, FOX) in some major metros via TVE