Provider - Xfinity

I find it is better to do a periodic scan and disable unauthorized channels then find out it failed to authorize when it went to record. I am going to disable TVE and just use my Primes until this is corrected.

TNT and some other Cable Channels are no longer making new shows anyway... so the 2 Primes are seldom used only for sports.

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After updating to the latest DVR prerelease, Channels automatically tried to auth my Local TVE channels and I ended up losing some of them on two different DVR servers.

After toggling the Experimental setting a couple times to get them back with no luck, I did the update password trick on both DVR's and all locals (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) came back on both of them.

Automatic Daily Scan Finally Authorized Discovery family of channels.

2023/03/24 08:17:13.295697 [TVE] Channel scan 75/216 DISCOVERY successful
2023/03/24 08:17:14.674189 [TVE] Channel scan 76/216 FOOD successful
2023/03/24 08:17:16.002524 [TVE] Channel scan 77/216 ANIMAL-PLANET successful
2023/03/24 08:17:16.371508 [TVE] Channel scan 78/216 HGTV successful
2023/03/24 08:17:17.332824 [TVE] Channel scan 79/216 TLC successful
2023/03/24 08:17:17.677294 [TVE] Channel scan 80/216 TRAVEL successful
2023/03/24 08:17:17.985669 [TVE] Channel scan 81/216 INVESTIGATION-DISCOVERY successful
2023/03/24 08:17:18.589162 [TVE] Channel scan 82/216 DIY successful
2023/03/24 08:17:18.914665 [TVE] Channel scan 83/216 COOKING-CHANNEL successful
2023/03/24 08:17:19.910647 [TVE] Channel scan 84/216 SCIENCE successful
2023/03/24 08:17:20.320876 [TVE] Channel scan 85/216 AHC successful
2023/03/24 08:17:20.737593 [TVE] Channel scan 86/216 DESTINATION-AMERICA successful
2023/03/24 08:17:21.128292 [TVE] Channel scan 87/216 DISCOVERY-LIFE successful
2023/03/24 08:17:21.547585 [TVE] Channel scan 88/216 MOTORTREND successful

Getting a could not fetch playlists for USA, SyFy, E, Bravo and Oxygen. Anyone else having this issue?

Example error is:

ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-Comcast_SSO ch6056 E: TVE: Could not fetch playlist: get!/Content/~hmac=396cac5f42d47bc891516abb0bf8980a951c7f1c7d7bfe22db5bf5ecdb555004: 504 Gateway Time-out

Most likely due to the recent DRM change for NBC Universal. Affects these channels. Some still work but at some they will probably no longer work.

See NBC, NBC Sports, NBCU Networks No Longer Available via TV Everywhere Providers

I’ve had the “not in subscription” issue the past few days. In my case, the username/password had recently been changed. Ultimately, finding and deleting the chromedata folder worked for me.

I'm trying to set up TV everywhere. I'm guessing NBC doesn't work in a browser, so why is it defaulting to NBC to set up? ABC works fine.

It uses NBC because it can still authenticate your TVE access there.
You can still watch NBC in a browser, just not in Channels.

By starting with NBC which is not available, I can't authenticate any channels

When you go to in a browser, can you Link your Provider?

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Yes, but According to this thread NBC channels don't work anymore with Channels dvr

It's working now

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Correct, Just like PBS which is no longer compatible with Channels DVR

Getting context cancelled error on CNN.

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Working here with Xfinity as a Provider

Now I'm down to a couple discovery channels and a FS1/2

Tired to re add source, doesn't even bother scanning. Just says context cancelled

Read the four posts in this topic TVE Troubleshooting tips

If that doesn't help you, submit diagnostics from your DVR Server.

Thanks. Ran troubleshooting. The only issue is remote access and I know it doesn't work with T-Mobile. Logs submitted.

I do not seem to be able to get NBATV MLBTV and NFLTV I can logon to XFINNITY and watch it on Google Chrome. One more NHL Network?