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Yep, you are right! Re-adding worked... I had recently added 2-factor to my account so I had to use secondary one. Probably why it stopped working.

Anybody here got the hbo package through youtubetv? Does it add anything to your tve listings in channels?

My understanding from other posts here is that hbo doesn't offer TVE access. So the answer should be no.

Can confirm. Adding HBO from YTTV does not add anything to TVE access.

So, I have had youtubetv for several weeks and last week saw my connection logged out unexpectedly (at least to me).
I 'changed providers' at nbc, logged in again and it began working.
Earlier this week it stopped again with auth errors. I did the two step at NBC again and it worked all day yesterday.
By this morning, it had stopped again with this report:
Failed: could not start stream on channels=[6141]: TVE: Post "": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

Once again, I went back to NBC to restore access. It now works again but probably not for long.

Do I need to play something in the background, record the Home Shopping Network 24 hours a day, or sacrifice a chicken to keep things working for more than a day at a time?

My active account as entered in Channels is non-2FA. No recovery items.

Is it all downhill from here and I need to choose another provider?

If everyone is having the problems I am, I would expect to see more talk about the issue.

Thanks for any assist.

Timeout errors are transitory and usually indicate some kind of internet or DNS problem at your end

If that were the case this time, NBC would not be telling me I must reauthenticate, correct?

It is not necessary to do anything on NBC's website to use TVE within Channels. Like I said this is a random error that usually goes away when you retry. If you use some kind of ad-block DNS or a non-ISP DNS server, then it can make these issues worse.

All I can tell you is that for the past several times when it has stopped delivering TVE content either via attempted recording or attempted live viewing it has been a hard, not intermittent failure. Each time it indicated it needed reauthentication at NBC.

A question, however. If the password entered in Channels was incorrect, would that account for it being able to run until the NBC login expired, but then unable to continue thereafter because Channels could not re-login?

Clearly, the NBC login is sufficient to get it to work again in Channels, so the authentication from NBC carries over to Channels somehow.

What indicated this and where?

When I went to NBC live, it told me I needed to reauthenticate.
When I did so (at NBC live) it worked on NBC and back in Channels.

Question about TVE channel numbers? When I setup YTTV as a source it lists the History channel, but states that YTTV does not provide TVE access to it. When I login into YTTV, the History channel is not listed there and they don't say it is available. Is channels the one making up the channel numbers for the TVE stuff? Do they just look for all of them when scanning a source? Otherwise why do they even have it listed when YTTV is the provider?

Yes Channels does create the channels list for TVE. It is easier for them to search each TVE provider and only maintain one list then to perfectly create one for each service provider. The only difference is the login mechanism between the different providers. It cornfused me at first too. You are correct YTTV doesn't provide access to History. Wish they did.

As before:
When I went to NBC live, it told me I needed to reauthenticate.
When I did so (at NBC live) it worked on NBC and back in Channels.

I proceeded under the assumption that the password was entered incorrectly in the Channels DVR settings, and used the update password mechanism.

Making this change appears to have corrected the problem of periodic failures to connect.

It also appears to confirm that a login to NBC on the same system (and a chrome browser) creates a session that works even if the password entered in Channels is not or is no longer correct.

Now that Youtube is automatically turning on 2 factor for most accounts, are there any plans to support 2 factor authentication in channels?

Had my first encounter with 2FA today. Tried to tune a channel and it failed. However, at the same time I got pop up messages on my devices that are signed into my YTTV account. I approved the login on one of them and tried again, and it tuned immediately. The big question is, how often will this happen? Obviously if the DVR is trying to record something and I don’t happen to notice the prompt it’s going to lead to missed recordings. But at least it’s working when the prompts are responded to.

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Have you tried using a Google non-recoverable account for your authentication to YTTV on Channels?

So far I've had no 2FA issues using a non-recoverable account. Of course, that could be just timing. Also I still have the option to turn off 2FA for my recoverable account. Again, maybe timing.

Nope, haven’t gone through that yet, still using the primary account. If this becomes an issue I’ll give it a try.

Seems like 2fa is wreaking havoc for a lot of us with the tve providers.

So Hulu live, and DirecTV now, those seem to be the 2 that haven't done anything 2fa yet?

I have FuboTV and don't have any 2FA with it.