Prune delete?

Does Prune Deleted check for existence of file and if it is not found it will clean the entry from the Channels DB ? I deleted a lot of recordings of canceled shows through explorer.


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I maybe missing something but i have gone though all the main settings and show settings. Clicked all gear icons though out the UI and cannot find “Prune Deleted”. Its driving me crazy and i bet its just me not seeing it.

It's available per show right now, or there's an API to do it in bulk.

So i believe im in the right spot. Recording Tab, then Show and when i click the gear icons i see no option for Prune Deleted.

Hmm, you're right. It appears to have been removed, so you have to do it via the API.

I plan to add the UI back but I want to make it safer first, i.e. show what would be deleted and confirm instead of just blowing the database away.

Gotcha, Thanks I really thought i was loosing it LOL.

I use powershell ... cleans them all up in one shot.

Invoke-WebRequest -Method Put

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