Public IPTV list

Will channels ever be able to play this - ?

The US is here - with 1871 entries, a bit higher than the current limit of 500.

There is also EPG available but Channels does not use that info.

If you use those links in a Custom Channel (i.e. create your own playlist using those entries), does it not work in Channels?

It has been stated many times before, the 500 item limit for playlists is performance related, as has been shown to cause issues. If you wish to utilize all 1000+ entries, there are services that can the playlist for you or shorten it; or you could curate it yourself and remove unnecessary entries.

Was a new thread necessary to beat this same dead horse?

This is not a dead horse. The URLs in channel lineup keep changing so shortening playlist every day is not something users should be signing up for.

Including an IPTV channel filter, similar to possibly with individual channel selection would be a good option.


There is a smaller list -
with only 860 entries as of now(no Pluto/STIRR/etc). Maybe bumping the limit to 1000 would work?

There is an existing but abandoned project in Golang - which could be incorporated into the DVR server or run as a service and pull in only kosher urls.

The whole point of the online filters is that they refresh for you. So you can get a filtered list from them, and they refresh it so the urls are up to date. You set your refresh rate in Channels and everything works.

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that's what the DVR server could do (in the future version ;- )

Are you going to pollute these forums with the same roundabout asinine comments that you flooded the SD forums with? If you have nothing constructive to offer, then please refrain from commenting.

Those IPTV lists from the OP contain a bunch of pirated channels so a forum admin may want to take this thread down...

Maybe we should let github handle this?
I also wanted to apologize for being a slow learner and causing frustration. I just needed to get familiar with the lineup editor a bit more. :innocent:

I love the IPTV list. Sucks it's limited to 500 channels.

I use a modified version of iptv-filter to filter channels

a small patch is here

I use @StreamOnABudget | Canada | #FreeTV Info: Free2View TV -- Free and Public TV without a subscription is here! and it includes guide data just make sure you set it to update like 3 hrs

For the record the C10K problem was solved in 1999 - C10k problem - Wikipedia

So how do you use the patch? Tell me like a newbie!

$ git clone
$ cd iptv-filter
$ wget
$ patch -p1 < LvKf4Q66

Thanks for the quick response. I wanted to run this on my Synology NAS. Managed ok until the patch command. Patch is not found on the system.


$ git apply --ignore-whitespace  LvKf4Q66

if you don't have patch

Please try to keep the trolling in here to a minimum. None of these decisions we've made are due to lack of skill.

All software engineering is about trade-offs. We've made trade-offs that the serve the majority of our customers and there are always going to be some people who have needs that are outside what we are targeting.