QNAP Install issues


@allenkm3 Let me know if you had any luck with the latest DVR release. It’s been 12+ hours here and the DVR still shows up in Flame for me.


Sorry for late reply, I’ve been stuck at work a lot.

My version of the QNAP ChannelsDVR app is 2017.01.25.0441 and it says it is up to date. Where do I get the newer version? When I look on the get channels page it just says 1.03.qpkg which is already the version I installed.


OH is this a new version of the ATV app?? How does that stop the QNAP from stopping broadcast of Bonjour? Either way, I’m installing and trying it. I’ll report back.


This is the latest version. The DVR updates itself automatically.

You should see it working via Flame now atleast.


OK Progress and some new issues.

First here is what I did:

Upgraded via testflight to newest version on ATV
Unchecked bonjour and enable dvr
Killed the Channels and Channels (Beta) app from the ATV task switcher
Unplugged the ATV
Reset the QNAP

At that point, I noticed via Flame that there were NINE bonjour services running on the QNAP (none of them Channels).

Plugged in the AppleTV
Clicked the Bonjour and Enable DVR checks on the QNAP

At this point I noticed via flame there were TEN bonjour services running on the QNAP (one of them was Channels).

Then I launched the beta app, and a DVR tab had appeared, however clicking on it prompted me to go to to setup my DVR. Doing that took me back to the config page, but the DVR is already setup. Nothing I do seems to finish the DVR configuration so that is all the DVR tab shows.

Also, at this point I noticed there was now only ONE bonjour service running on the QNAP (it was Channels). This makes me think that somehow the channels bonjour service killed the other bonjour services.

So, the Channels ATV app can tell I have DVR running, the service still appears in Flame (all by itself) but the ATV doesn’t seem to know the DVR is already configured/registered. (This could be related to when I totally nuked the directory from within PuTTy)


OK after some point the ATV app got with the program and now is working properly. Flame still shows the Channels service.

Everything seems to be working (Score!)

I’ll report back if it stops working for any reason.

The only oddity left from my perspective is why did the other 9 bonjour services disappear from the QNAP?


I started the beta program yesterday. The most recent DVR update fixed the bonjour issue.
The DVR option on the main menu bar of the Apple TV, doesn’t show when the DVR is recording. Is that an issue? or have I just missed a setting.

Keep up the good work.


Could you make a new thread about this and clarify a bit what you mean? Thanks!


Well…Shoot. Victory was short lived.

It was working, I could set recordings, watch recorded shows, everything was great.

Then, the cursor was on settings and I swiped right to go to recordings, then right to go to DVR then right to go to Guide and the app crashed on the ATV back to springboard. I launched it again and the DVR tab was gone, and the Flame does not show the bonjour service running.

I don’t have time right now to troubleshoot or see if unchecking/rechecking the bonjour tab in QNAP Channels will make it come back yet. I will report back tomorrow.


Check the log to see if the DVR errored out for some reason.


I did nothing, changed nothing. When I came back this morning I had an error on the Apple TV itself saying the update didn’t successfully install and to reset it. I didn’t reset it, but the Channels beta app had healed itself and I had DVR again. I’ll keep a close eye on it.


i have a similar issue, however this is a new install. Download of setup.sh fails during qnap install


ssh ping of google succedded