Quick Guide has black images with progress bar for various channels

i just migrated to a qnap from a standalone linux vm and i have noticed that all the images in the Quick Guide are not fully populated. the are black but have the progress bar which is weird. so i will have some that display what is on and others that are just black with a progress bar but yet the text of what is on it there. this happens on beta and non beta version of the app. shat do you need from me to help with this issue.

Restart the Apple TV?

i fully restarted the application on Apple TV but it doing it with muilt versions of the app. I am trying a rebuild of the full guide on DVR app on Qnap

so a full refresh of the guide helped alot but have just a few now also restarted and update TVos (15.6) and still have just a few. on the on now screen those channels that are blank with a progress bar on the quick guide just display the channel logo. I also refreshed the channel logo just to see if that helped of course not.

Okay so they don't have guide data probably? Is there data on the grid in the app or on the dvr web UI?

yes there is data there

If you record one of those channels and then check in your library, does it have art?

i will let you know

now it is worse again here are some pics

What version number is shown on Settings > About

Apple TV = 7.23.339
DVR = 2022.7.24.2308

Both beta versions

If not a beta version will get same issue.

Please click Settings > Support > submit Diagnostics in the app

Usually the app will connect to the DVR for images, and the DVR is caching them. It seems like some problem in the cache or connection to your DVR.


Are you able to load this in a browser

Yes nbc logo

Any update on this?

Can you try deleting the cache/tmsv2 folder inside the VM in the dvr data directory

The is instal on a qnap using the app you provided. Not sure how that is done. If this was a Unix vm I created I would know how.

Does the QNAP have one or two Ethernet cables attached