Raspberry pi IP address not responding

Hi there, im new channels and to using raspberry pi. I'm unable to connect to my Pi's IP address from another device. It's connected via ethernet directly into the Fios G31000 router. The server's light is solid green and is up and running, i'm able to ping it from my computer and get packets back but when I enter the IP address into the browser...nada. Is it related to my Verizon Router? Any ideas how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance

Be nice if SOMEONE was around to help and answer questions huh? Very annoying for a service unlaybfor that noone helps. I'm having problems with zero responses too. Sorry

Is anyone else here using this kind of router? It sounds like it has client isolation enabled by default but I'm not sure where the setting to disable that is.

Its a new router from verizon fios. Any help would be welcome as i bought all the stuff to set up with Raspberry Pi. Cant get channels plus going at all because it cant recognize the PI’s IP address.

Do you have a micro-HDMI cable you can use to view the display as the Pi boots? Perhaps some service is failing to start and the console messages could give a hint.

Try this: https://forums.verizon.com/t5/Fios-Internet/Verizon-Fios-Router-not-connecting-to-Google-Home-products/m-p/885052/highlight/true#M77200

this didnt work and verizon says that since the Pi is hardwired via the ethernet...its not an internet issue. They said its some kind of configuration issue. Any other ideas? I cant be the only person with this fios router issue.. i did nothing besides the directions..

what variables could I log to get some feedback?

Do you have any PC or Mac on your network? Are you able to ping the IP of the Pi?

im on a mac, and I am able to ping the IP and I get a packet response.

Are you able to load the IP in safari on the same Mac?

I wasn't referring to variables to log, but rather the console messages to view as the system boots. Errors would be noticeable, as they'll be denoted with a red Fail indicator.

FYI I already received photos over support of the HDMI console and it looks normal. Both his router and the Pi itself (using ip addr) show a DHCP IP is assigned. But when he tries to access that IP from his phone (which also has an IP in the same subnet), the browser shows a connection refused error.

yea, it doesnt work on safari either.

Can you show me the output of ping?

Try these in Terminal.app and copy/paste the output shown:

ping -c 4 x.x.x.x
curl -v http://x.x.x.x

x.x.x.x should be the IP address :slight_smile:

hadnt had my coffee yet...

the curl came back with a failure to connect.....it also failed at port 8089

Okay then let's try on the Pi itself, login as root and then what does this show:

systemctl status