Rebuild network using Moca

Anyone have any experience creating a wired / wireless network with MoCa and mesh routers? It's a modest sized condo, but I would prefer a more consistent wired / wireless network. There are 3 rooms that need internet, so I suppose the least important room will have to stay wireless, but is very close to where I would put one of the wired satellites / router

I'm looking at this equipment.

Motorola MoCA 2.5 Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax (2 Pack) 2.5 Gbps Ethernet, Plug and Play, Boost Home Network for Better Streaming and Gaming (Model MM2025)

NETGEAR Nighthawk Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 System (MK83) – AX3600 Router with 2 Satellite Extenders, Coverage up to 6,750 sq. ft

So. The modem and router being downstairs, I'll use the MoCa adapter to send the signal upstairs to the bedroom where it will hook to a satellite for a wired backhaul. The third satellite will go in the second bedroom and be wireless.

I've read I need MoCa filters:

5 PACK Filter, MoCA"POE" for Cable TV & OTA coaxial networks ONLY

I'm confused where to install those. I assume one at the main drop coming into the residence, and another on each of the adapters.

Things I'm considering. 2 MoCa adapters for a wired backhaul to both satellites. So it would be the modem and 2 MoCa adapters running off of one wall coax outlet. Too much on one outlet? A satellite in each bedroom connected through MoCa. Also, perhaps getting a better mesh system that has 4 ethernets on each unit, like a high end Orbi, or Asus ZenWifi

The idea is that if it has an Ethernet port, that's how it will be connected.

Any thoughts / ideas?

At the location where your cable internet enters the house, use one of these:

This has a built in MoCA filter to keep the MoCA signal inside you home. It also helps clean up the MoCA signal over the coax lines.

At each coax line in each room, place a MoCA adapter -- it has an Ethernet port you can use directly or add a hub for more Ethernet ports.

I'm fully MoCA for all things that have Ethernet. MoCA provides the connection for my Shields and other devices. I get 930mb at each MoCA adapter.

My 2 HDHR 4 tuner devices connect via MoCA back to Channels DVR. Never had an issue.

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Maybe I'm missunderstanding the point and how these adapters work?
Ethernet over coax?
But, um, if you have to run a physical coax cable to reach room(endpoint) then...why not run a Ethernet cable instead? Thinner, native. And slim run ethernet I use in tight places.

Also, hella expensive these Moca prodcuts.

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I've spent a bunch of time trying to find any evidence of cables in the attic, it's a condo and everything seems to be wired up in the walls. The main line feeds into an exterior wall I don't have access to, or haven't figured out how. I'm gonna have to launch some type of investigation to figure out how this place is wired. The next step is to bring the modem upstairs and hook it up. If it comes online, then the cables are connected together. What type of adapters in the room are you using?

For me, the coax was already in every freaking room in the house. The guy that built the home was coax crazy and this was before Ethernet was common.


If I were getting these today, I'd go with the 2.5 version.

Looking at some website, they say theoretical "speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps* and latency as low as 3.5 ms." that is for sure far better than powerline adapters, but ethernet has 0ms latency. Also, since coax is singe core conductor, not twisted pair, isn't cross talk and interferance an issue they have to overcome?

Also, be carefull about just saying you have coax in the wall, what do you mean coax? there are many types of coax. RG6, RG11, RG12, etc. cheap contractors will often use the shitty thinner cheaper coax that is bad for cable, works fine for antennas, but is more fragile and breaks, degrades easy. My folks had to pay Comcast to fully re-run all coax lines to rooms, using proper RG6 cable, the home was only 4yrs old.

And if this place where the drop splits to cables is buried in a wall, inaccessible, outdoors, etc, I'm SOL?

That was also the big issue when my folks moved in, existing coax line, where the heck they go? where they even come into the home, where is the main splitter? no idea, basement was finished so could not see into walls. so...had to run new cables. Comcast installer was not happy that day, took 7hrs, all day.

I think u can buy a tracer tool, and track the cables. u can with powerline anyway.

Not SOL. Unless the coax is daisy chained around the home. Then SOL might be where you find yourself.

Normally, each coax run goes from a splitter out to each room, meaning each room has its own coax run back to the entry point splitter. If the splitter is in wall, then you may have to use a MOCA filter, connected before the splitter. (you want the MOCA filter as close to the ENTRY point as possible but before you split the coax out to each room)

Ok, so I found the hookups.

Orange is main drop, two outs, assuming one for downstairs with one outlet, one for upstairs split to two bedrooms with an outlet. This would be the logical place to put it, because I don't think I'll have access to any more of the cabling, it's in the wall. I'll need to run power to this location? And I won't be able to access the splitter upstairs, is that a problem?

This is not my area of expertise. I've done it several times in different homes without issue, but an expert may have more options for you than my personal experience.

Yes, you will need power. Look at something like this:

I use this to power my splitter in an earlier post.

Also, I have 9 coax runs, so I have enough runs to do just about anything. I'm not sure what issues you will have only having two. I just don't know.

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I run the actiontec 2.5s myself and they have been very stable and fast so far.

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I use the actiontec 2.5s as well and they work great.


So, the 5 port amp, a power inserter, 3 MoCa adapters, and one filter (might not need it)

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These have less ports. And one comes with the power inserter.

This is probably on the cusp of issues / no issues, correct?

Wireless Chromecast:

What, not every house has Cat5e and RG6 home run from every room to a patch panel in the basement? :slight_smile:


Not every house because rg6 is antiquated :wink: