Recommended flash drive

So I switched from Nvidia shield to FireTV because it seems to solve "network issues" that I would periodically see when watching TV (read disconnects".

The problem I have now is that FireTV doesn't provide enough storage for a decent buffer. I found expanding it with channels moved to a USB flash drive, I got tons my ore buffer. However, with channels moved to an this drive I suffer frequent pauses in the playback, even when behind in the timeline, leading me to believe that the performance of the drive is the issue.

Can someone recommend a drive they are using (brand / model) that works well?


The problem is you were using a flash drive. These are designed for moving files between computers, not as a storage mechanism backing something like a dvr. They are way too slow.

What you want to buy is a simple external usb hard drive that has its own power supply.

I had read the FireTV didn't support this. Has this been proven to work? Do they make a tiny powered hub? I was kind of liking the small configuration.

:man_facepalming: I misread your post thinking you meant Shield.

Yes, a flash drive is what you want to extend the buffer. You should be fine with any Sandisk brand I would think. But those that have gone this route would have more experience than me.

I guess my original question is back in play. The drive I am using is a SanDisk 3.0 device and not working well.

Would this help?

Thanks for the reply. I assume this requires the beta?

Are you using an OTG cable ? Or a Cable with etherenet.

I use these and they work great ... Ethernet Adapter for TV Stick Cube, Chromecast, Tivo Stream 4K - Micro USB OTG HUB with Power Cable : Electronics PNY 64GB Turbo Attaché 3 USB 3.0 Flash Drive 3-Pack : Everything Else

I use this with an OTG cable on the Firestick 4k MAX, and it works fine: SAMSUNG FIT Plus 128GB - 400 MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive (MUF-128AB/AM)

I would assume
I don't use those devices, just remembered reading the thread.

The latest release might have HLS look under settings - debug
then you can set size of buffer ... If not you have to use the BETA.... worth a try It will not uninstall the release version. I use HLS on my Cheap Fire TV sets and it works great. It is a lot Cheaper to use the BETA than buy something that might not work.

Thank you to everyone for the replies. In the end I bought the Samsung drive mentioned by MikeBear with my existing OTG cable. So far it has been pretty stable...although I am still on day one. The previous drive paused pretty frequently...