Recording List View


Is there anyway to get just a simple listing of recordings grouped by show/episodes instead of thumbnails?


The thumbnail view is currently the only way to access recordings in the app


See also previous discussions in Grid display of recordings and Sorting Channels DVR Pass Recordings

If there are certain things you’re trying to do that are hard with the current layout, let us know what they are.

For instance, maybe you’re trying to find a specific show to watch? Currently the best way to do that is to go to Recently Recorded > More > Alphabetical. But maybe we should make the Search tab search recorded shows too.


Excellent, that would be awesome.


My main issue with it is that it’s just more efficient to only have to scroll down with your eyes and not worry about looking left to right when you are wading through large amounts of recordings, and it’s easier to key your brain to a single word than to have to process an entire picture for the same result. The display with the pictures is beautiful and works great when you aren’t looking for anything specific, just looking for something that tickles your fancy. What I would love to see is a choice between the two and let the user make the decision. Since they both would pull from the same data set, it may be doable w/o adding too much to the code base. I’d most likely never use the current view, given the choice, but I tend to concentrate more on efficiency than anything else - I know others may feel differently. I think if you tested out a list view, similar to what I posted in the other thread, you would find it generally well received.

Adding the ability to search recorded shows would be great too, although I’m not sure I’d put it with the rest of the search results - perhaps a search feature directly on the Recordings page or maybe a radio button on the main search to select to limit the search to one or the other, or both.

Thanks for the hard work!



This is exactly it. Thanks for stating it so well.


Hi, I'm interested in viewing Recently Recorded alphabetically. I found the above suggestion "Recently Recorded- More - Alphabetical" but I'm having trouble finding where this is. I looked in the Web UI but didn't see that option. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks, Doug


In the Channels app, the Recently Recorded section has a blank tile at the end of the list. Click that and you will be taken to a new view where you can sort by Alphabetical.


I've been looking and I still don't see a blank tile at the end of the Recently Recorded section. All I see are my recordings. Am I missing something?


It won't show up until you have 8 shows recorded