Recording playback issues


How do you roll back firmware on Channels DVR Apple TV app? I’m having major playback issues with all recordings since iOS12 came out.

Trouble watching LIVE TV - jitters and lags

After more testing, no matter what home stream setting i choose it will stutter. I even have one Apple TV still on 11.4 and this happens. So it is not iOS 12. This must have happened in the latest Channels DVR server or Apple TV app. I’m using the Channels server in OSX 10.13.3. All recordings are unwatchable. If this doesn’t get fixed, I’ll have to cancel this DVR subscription.


Hi @serpico007

Is your DVR Mac connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

Can you open the recording file via Finder in VLC and see if it plays back correctly on your computer? That will tell you if the file is recorded correctly or not.

For the app you should leave Home Quality at Original.


Hi, My DVR Mac is connected to ethernet as well as all of my 3 Apple TV’s. This is happening on all three, 2 are on iOS 12 and the other is on iOS 11.4. I did play the tv recording in VLC correctly. The app is set to Home Quality Original again.


Can you describe what is happening. And after it happens go to bottom of settings tab and click Submit Diagnostics


I play a tv recording and the frames are dropping. It happens on all of the Apple TV’s. I tried to record a 4 minute segment tonight and played it back. It worked fine. I’m not sure if the old recording had issues and only plays ok in VLC. Very odd. I set up a pass for the old recording via the web dashboard. Do you think that was the issue? Maybe try to set up the season pass via the Apple TV?

I have submitted the diagnostic log. Thanks.


The problem has gone away. I solved it by shutting down the Mac Mini, then turning it back on. The video is playing fine now. Odd that a complete shutdown was the solution. Thank you for the support.