Recording won't play on Fire TV app

I have encountered a couple of recordings recently that I have not been able to play on my Fire TV. When I go to the webpage for my DVR server, I can play the recording from there without issue. The video gets transcoded by the server and plays in the video player when I try using my phone or my computer, but when I try using the Fire TV app, I see only the spinning circle icon for when the stream attempts to load, but nothing happens. When I have attempted to play the recording, if I wait long enough, the app goes back to the loading screen so I assume that means the app has crashed and reloads.
When I try other recordings, they play back fine. So far I have encountered two recordings that I cannot okay. I tried regenerating the timestamps for the videos and that didn't help. When I look at the activity as reported on the DVR status webpage, I see the server says my Fire TV is playing the recording so I know at least the request is making it to the server but when I look at the logs, there is no entry for the playback attempt that would provide a clue as to what is going on.
Do you have any suggestions about what I could try next to get this to work?
Thank you.

After it fails and the app restarts go into settings and submit diagnostics. That might have the info the Devs need to see what is happening.

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Try power cycling the Fire Stick. Mine starts to act up after a couple weeks since the last reboot.

I did contact support and they followed up with a response. The issue is the hardware decoder in my Fire TV is crashing when trying to process the recording. My Fire TV is to old (from 2015) to support the software decoder. The only option I have is to update to a newer streaming device.

Here's another thought... There's a setting somewhere (don't recall if it's in the client or the server) that basically tells the server to transcode the video as if you're accessing it remotely even when accessing it from the LAN. That might be a suitable workaround.

That’s the quality setting in the client, but a good workaround, potentially.