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I just installed DVR beta this morning. There is a channel in my city that I sometimes get signal from. This afternoon I somehow manage to move my antenna and get a good steady signal from it. After scanning my HDhomeRun for channels, it appeared in the guide but without any data. Says ‘Unknown’ an no shows are listed. I tried to restart the DVR server from my iMac and tried to restart the app, the apple TV… can’t get any data from the guide. I know the data exist because I can see it from the HDHomeRun view app on my iMac.

Any way to refresh the guide from the DVR?


The guide data refreshes at 5am every day.

There is no way to refresh it manually at the moment. I will add a button to do this for the next release.

If you want to force it, you can disable the DVR checkbox, delete the .airings directory in the data folder, and then re-enable DVR.

Thanks, I just managed to refresh it by removing my tuner from the DVR server and adding it again by setting my postal code. Thanks!

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My guide data is good on my Mac Mini but it doesn’t seem to be in sync on the AppleTV. Will the force solution you listed fix this issue too?

If your guide data is fine on the DVR you don’t need to change anything on the DVR.

Try restarting the Apple TV app (click TV/Home button twice and swipe up).

That worked thank you! What was weird is I restarted my AppleTV and that didn’t work but specifically restarting the App worked although it took a little time for the data to show up in its entirety.

Thanks again!


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That’s my preferred option, as opposed to deleting .airings.

Would be great to have a “refresh” option as per @tmm1. Although it might lead to overuse :smiling_imp:

Thanks. You’re right, this is the recommended way to reload the guide data:

  • click the trash can next to the DVR guide location
  • click Set DVR Lineup and enter your zipcode to pick guide location again

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