Remote Connection

I have everything setup. I can connect from my iPhone app locally using the internal IP address with port 8089 without issues. I go into the iOS app and select "Connect to Channels DVR, Away from home and I get forward to

It says, Remote Access is enabled but we can not reach our server. Please ensure that port 8089 has been properly forwarded.

Now if I just browse to it asked me for the auth code and once I get it, everything works in the safari browser. But when I go back to the app to reconfigure ,I get the same remote error. I know port formwatinf is working because I can access it via

This has to be a bug in the app I assume since I can't get remote access via the chanelsdvr iOS app. Also on the server under Remote DVR, the URL -requesting HTTPS certificates just keeps spinning.

If the HTTPS process is stuck then connections won't work. Can you click Support > Submit Diagnostics on the web UI

submitted, Im getting this in logs
Remote Access
Connected to but SSL certificate is invalid

however, I have port fowling for 8089 and like I said I can reach it if I go to

seems this is an ongoing issue....seen a few posts about it now. you mentioned a hot fix back a few moths, ago, I assume that never got implemented.

Have you installed multiple instances of the dvr this week?

I have....Ive been working on a few system to try this...Synology NAS, my plex server...I delete them and just trying to find the best setup. now that you mention, when I first installed it, it was working...after installing it on a few servers its how can I remove the other servers I used it on, since I deleted them are they still in a profile somewhere?

You have hit a rate limit and need to wait a few days for more certificates to be allowed. Please ensure only one DVR has remote access enabled at any time.

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