Reorder Channels Within Guide

As a new Channels user I am extremely impressed with the capabilities and features packed into this app. For the most part I find the user experience to be straight forward and intuitive. After just a week of using the app, I would love to see an ability to reorder the channel guide. My preference would be to have all the major network (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBS) grouped together on top instead of in their frequency numerical order.

To the development team…thanks for a well designed application!


You can do this with Favorites. Using the On Now/favorites, this also changes them in the guide.

Thanks. Didn’t know this feature existed. Another reason I am cutting the cord, a responsive user and developer community.


Does this still work? I added the channels favorites on my PC looking at the server. Then from the On Now tab, I grab and try to move a channel to a different position. I can move it but all I get is a red circle with a slash so I can't drop it anywhere. What am I doing wrong?

Re-ordering only works in the Channels app, not the DVR web UI.