Replace Original Firetv Cube with new model for better performance?

Hi, will upgrading to the new Firetv cube result in better picture quality? I get lots of motion blur when watching certain dvr programs on the original cube.

I use my new cube exclusively ... like that it controls my whole entertainment system ... is very responsive with Channels DVR and all other DVR Clients... one thing you might have some problems with hardware playing on some channels but software works great in channels.

It has an ir blaster that works great controlling Receivers TV's soundbars etc ...

Yes, I'm using the first gen model which generally works well with my home theater. Some of the shows have major frame dropping when watching which really bothers my eyes. Hence the question if the gen 2 model has fixed this.

I have not seen any framedrops... but I have never seen dropped frames regardless what device I have used.

Sorry to jump on the thread but I've just got a Cube Gen 2 and I've had issues with certain channels showing slow down and stuttering (excellent TV signal). I've just swapped to software decoding as you recommended and I'll do some more testing - thanks.

May I ask, do you know the difference on Hardware, Hybrid and Software options and their limitations?

Note that performance of all FireTV varies wildly between the US and UK.

@Edwin_Perez is in the US where most FireTVs work without problem on mpeg2 feeds.

@SlvrYeti is in the UK and many of the FireTVs models have various strange bugs related to the interlaced h264 format that's popular there.

Will software be the best option to use in the UK?

If the hardware is buggy then the software option should be better. On older models the CPU wasn't fast enough for software decoding, but on the new cube2 it might be.

After switching Refresh Rate Switching to OFF on the cube and setting rendering to software in Channels the experience has now been spot on. Not one problem watching TV for a couple of hours tonight.

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