Reverse order of episodes - oldest to newest

When I view a list of episodes for a show (“Recently Recorded”), it shows the newest to the left and the oldest to the right. How to reverse that (show oldest episode first)?

You can change how shows are sorted on the web admin. Go the page that shows all the recordings for a show and click the settings button and choose Watch Newest First. This will change the way the episodes are sorted when you view them in Channels. It will also change the order that they show up as in Up Next.

This is very useful for shows that come on daily like late night talk shows, the news, etc.

There’s been plans to expose these settings directly in Channels, we’ll get to it eventually we promise!

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Hmmm… That then makes the Up Next show play the newest show, right?

What I would like to see is both a) chronological order from left to right when showing all the shows (oldest to the left), and b) Up Next plays the oldest show.


I think I misunderstood. Does the “Watch Newest First” and “Watch Oldest First” apply only to the Up Next?

If so, that fine, but I am focusing now on the sort order when I see the entire episode list. When I view a specific show on my iPad and under the header there is a list of episodes, the newest one (the last episode) shows up first. I think I would want to see the oldest show at the top and the newest (last) at the bottom of the list.

Makes sense?

Yes, it applies to both. It essentially reverses the sort for that show.

When looking at a show in the app, it always displays the newest episodes first. There’s no way to change this currently.

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Sorry, I totally screwed that up! Sorry for the confusion. It just changes Up Next ordering.

So, to be clear, the New/Old selection only applied to Up Next, no matter if using iOS app or TVOS app?


Okay, thanks for clarifying.

So, please add this as a feature request:

Ability to change order of episodes when viewing the entire recorded show.

Kind of like Netflix. When I view a show and the related episodes, I see the oldest first and the newest last.


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I second this request. When I go to the episode list, it always highlights the newest episode. I then have to scroll all the way over to the right to figure out where I want to catch up. Please have an option to list from oldest to newest (left to right).

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You can re-order. On the web ui go to Recordings, Shows, Up Next…tap on the individual Show icon, More, Gear symbol…change “Watch” order listed.

That is not what I meant. I mean if you go to the Apple TV app -> recordings -> pick a show -> more episodes, the listing always shows latest show on the left. I want the option to have the earliest show on the left.

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This is the main reason right here as to why I do not use the Channels DVR app as my main viewing hub. I use Plex or Infuse. If on the Apple TV the episode list for the shows was oldest -> newest in episode order, I would wholly switch to having Channels DVR app as my main app. If this has been implemented since this posting, can someone explain how to accomplish this? If it has not been implemented, please reconsider this as it should be the default.

Sadly, this has not been implemented. Such a simple tweak too, at least in my mind.

Has this feature been added? If not, I would like to see this implemented in an upcoming release.

I ran into this issue when importing media. Imported shows should show in chronological order, because I haven't watched any yet and I want to binge through them. It should also jump to the most recently watched episode in the list so I can easily find my place. You can change the watch order, but it doesn't affect the display order.

This needs some attention with regard to importing media.