Rotten tomato ratings in guide

I imagine it should be pretty straightforward to show rotten tomato ratings in the guide.

It would be really great when tapping on a movie, to have a summary of the rotten tomato ratings for it. There is loads of space on these views so adding a bit more info would surely be easy from a design point of view and presumably not hard from a coding perspective.

My suggestion would be that the critic and audience scores are inserted in one of the locations (red or blue) as indicated in the image below.

Great idea, but I personally prefer IMDB ratings.

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So much space here there could be both :grinning:

Feel free to vote for it too

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One question to ask with this is if Totten Tomatoes allows free unlimited access to its APIs. Some services would charge for access to that kind of direct data.

I assume there is a cost involved. These sites aren't going to hand over their data for free... or I imagine they wouldn't.

But having this info would be such a great improvement. Especially if implemented with what I described here: