Samsung TV Plus for Channels

Appears what ever the issue is, it's also affecting the gb.xml program schedule.
ca.xml looks good, didn't check any others.

and.... its back

2023/02/11 17:39:19.979111 [DVR] Reindexed 1717 airings into XMLTV-SamsungTVPlus (241 channels over 13h0m20s) + 289 skipped [0s index]
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Yup. Both Pluto TV an Samsung TV have returned about the same time they did yesterday.

Strange, I can't recall the last time I lost Pluto listings. Using non-docker method.

Guys we don't need a play by play here. When matt takes a look and implements a fix he will let you know. Until then we know it's not working reliably.


And issues with Pluto belong in one of these topics
Issues with Stirr in the first one.

Is it working now? Anyone else have problems with nocords?

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I've never had issues with Pluto nocords. Running it since day one.

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Pluto is fine, but this Samsung guide is not working:

Come on, guys. Use the subscribe feature at the bottom of the thread and wait for Matt to fix it. When he responds you’ll get a notification. No need to keep spamming everyone saying it’s also not working for you.

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i think the issue is a change at Github. They seem to be caching the master url for a lot longer.

I have started adding a "generated" tag to the xml <tv so can easily see when the file was updated.

was commited 2 hours ago

notice it has generated-ts in it.

However, master: CBS News still doesn't. Tells me it's cache is older than 2 hours
(ps: no idea why this forum is showing the above linke as "CBS News" haha)

What I can do is grab the commit hash from github after commiting it, and then update my redirect urls to point directly to that

This explains why the listing in the kodi addon were working ok. They use a json file directly from my server (via cloudflare). However, CF didn't like me caching xmls so they went onto github

It's parsing the xml
Try putting back quote (grave accent) marks ` around it

Or use square brackets and parenthesis like this


I can see the timestamp generated-ts="1676255203"
in the file at
which matches the date/time displayed for the file at Index of /SamsungTVPlus/
us.xml 13-Feb-2023 15:26 1186374
knowing that's UTC+13

1 Like for me in NZ does not have th timestamp. So maybe it's a geo cache issue

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Seeing this in it right now

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE tv SYSTEM "xmltv.dtd"><tv generator-info-name="" generated-ts="1676258805">

And Index of /SamsungTVPlus/ displays
us.xml 13-Feb-2023 16:26 1179545
which matches generated-ts="1676258805" being 13-Feb-2023 16:26 (UTC +13)

It's working for me in Channels DVR.
Have XMLTV guide updating hourly and displaying about 6-7 hours of guide data for 242 channels.

For anyone else using it, you may want to set

XMLTV Guide Data (gzipped xml file is about 1/10 the size of the unzipped one)
Refresh Every 1 Hour


just updated the redirects to use the commit hash.
lets see if that helps...

Guides are coming in correctly for me. Thanks for your products and good work.

Anyone else have issues with MotorTrend FAST TV? Seems to just play 15 seconds then freeze.