Scheduling Channels But not for Recording

Is there a way to schedule a TV show and have Channels tell the tuner to change to that channel at that tine? I do not want to record, but just have the tuner change to that channel without me doing that manually?
My LG CX has this function, but I rather use my HDHomerun tuner

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Not currently

Could possibly do this using the API from another device that sends the command.
There is one that plays a channel POST /api/play/channel/{channel_number} - Play a channel

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thank you sir for the suggestion, but i have no idea what you mean "api", sorry to be a noob

You would have to have another device on your network that sends an http request to your client to change the channel based on the time. This would require some technical skills to achieve.

thanks again Sir, really appreciate the reply, but I was looking for a more...simple resolution.

I vaguely remember using something like that (Reminders?) and think it may have been on one of my older TV's or TiVo's, not sure. Anyway, I used it once or twice and thought what good is it if I'm not sitting in front of the TV when it tunes to the channel?

Are you just using the Channels Apple TV client and a Homerun tuner, or do you also have Channels DVR for recording.

I'm curious what your use case is for this as I recall the question came up before on this forum.

Apple Channel client and HDHomerun tuner

Then this won't work as you want. Apple clients can only receive commands when the app is in the foreground; the client can't launch or tune automatically due to security restrictions at the OS level.

thank you Sir, so are you saying if i get the DVR option i could do this without recording?

No. I'm saying Apple clients are incapable of doing what you want.

ok, got it. thanks for your help.Have a blessed week